Best Bowling Figures – Top 4 and 5 Wicket Taker List in ICC T20 World Cup International

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best bowling figures in t20 world cup

The ICC T20 World Cup is one of the biggest tournaments of the year for all participating teams. Many of the players in this tournament have outstanding skills in batting, bowling, and fielding. The team records we provide you with include the batting record, bowling record, and more. You can find the schedule and venue of the upcoming T20 World Cup on our website. Following are records made by players from different teams in bowling.

Best Top 5 Wickets Taker in T20 World Cup:

Umar Gul:

Umar Gul took the first five wickets in T20 cricket by giving six runs in three overs. In the Oval London England on 13th June 2009, Pakistani player Umar Gul played against New Zealand. Pakistan’s best baller. Among all players who have taken five wickets in International Cricket, he is second. In T20 cricket, especially, this is a significant achievement for Pakistan.

Nehemia Odhiambo:

His five wickets in an inning make him the only cricketer to achieve that feat in the ICC T20 matches. Twenty runs were scored in four overs by this player. His tournament was at the Gymkhana Sports Ground in Kenya on 4th February 2010. They won the match with a good margin because of Rehema Odhiambo.

Darren Sammy:

The player holds the title of having taken five wickets. During 3.5 overs, his economy rate was 6.78, and he got five wickets. On 28th February 2010, Darren Sammy represented the West Indies against Zimbabwe at The Queens Park, Oval Port of Spain, Trinidad. Due to negligence on the part of other players, the match was lost despite his great performance. The best player in the Caribbean is him.

Regina Herath:

His five wickets at the T20 World Cup have been the most economical. A player with a 0.85 economy rate took five wickets. He took three wickets for only three runs while bowling for Sri Lanka. The match took place in 2014.

Ryan McLaren:

South Africa’s best player. It took him 3.5 overs to take five wickets and give 19 runs for each wicket. 4.95 is an excellent economic rate for him. Against West Indies, he was playing. On 19th May 2010, a match took place at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium Antiqua. It was his continuous effort that won South Africa the game.

Lasith Malinga:

Originally from Sri Lanka, he is the best spinner on the team. The wicket-taker gave 31 runs in 4 overs to take five wickets. Economically, he has a 7.75. The match was played against England on 18th September 2012. With the victory, Sri Lanka gains the upper hand.

Tim Southee:

The New Zealander took five wickets in four overs against Pakistan by giving 18 runs. In one inning, he has an economy rate of 4.50. Auckland’s Eden Park was the venue on 26th December 2010. A wide margin won matches.

Best Bowling Figures in ICC T20 World Cup International

The best bowling figures in T20 World Cup history can be found here. They are all better off playing alone.

Who are the Top 4 Wicket Takers in T20 International Cricket?

The following is a list of 4 wicket-takers in T20 cricket matches. In all of their matches, they display remarkable performance.

Umar Gul:

In T20 cricket, Umar Gul has taken the most four wickets. Pakistan is his home country. In 60 matches, he has taken six wickets. Twenty5.3 overs were necessary to take all four wickets for 1443 runs. His average is 16.98. Pakistan’s best bowler in T20 international cricket is Umar Gul.

Rashid Khan:

Rashid Khan is an Afghan. The five times that he played international T20 cricket, he took four wickets. It took him 192 overs to score 1200 runs. The Afghanistan team appreciates his efforts.

B A W Mendis:

Among Sri Lanka’s top bowlers, B A W Mendis stands out. In T20, he is the third-highest wicket-taker with four wickets. This is a huge record for him, scoring 952 runs in 147.3 overs.

Shakib Al Hasan:

Shakib Al Hasan plays his best cricket in the T20s, Bangladesh’s best format. Four times he has taken four wickets. Cricket’s ICC Twenty20 tournament offers him one of the best opportunities to showcase his skills. Bangladesh’s success depends on this player. In 76 matches, he has scored 1894 runs.

Saeed Ajmal:

Pakistan’s Saeed Ajmal will always be remembered as an outstanding player. International cricket’s best bowler. In his 64 matches, he has taken four wickets and scored 1516 runs. With 85 wickets, he has made a record of 238.2 overs. 17.84 is his average.

Lasith Malinga:

The top spinner of Sri Lanka is Lasith Malinga. Sri Lanka’s team leader is one of the best players in the world. Also, he made four wickets in three matches during his 84 games. It took him 299.5 overs to score 2225 runs.

Imran Tahir:

South Africa’s Imran Tahir is an excellent bowler. In his 38 games, he has an average of 15.05 and has taken four wickets four times. Ishaan Tahir has taken four wickets in T20 cricket in the top seven. The fact that South Africa has a bowler of his calibre is a good achievement.

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