IPL 2023: Best Fielders of IPL (Strength , Weakness Secrets)

The best fielders play a vital role in cricket games when the opposition batsman gives a tough time to all players. Fielding is the role of catching, collecting, and throwing the ball that is hit by a batsman, here we will discuss the best fielders of IPL.
There are a total of 11 players who participated during the match, from which nine players act as fielders. As some say, a run saved is equal to a run made. Similarly, catches win matches time one dropped catch can snatch the match.

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IPL 2023: Best Fielders of IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is known for its exciting cricket matches and top-notch performances by players from around the world. One aspect of the game that often goes unnoticed but plays a crucial role in securing wins is fielding.

Over the years, some players have stood out for their exceptional fielding skills and are considered the “best fielders” in the IPL. These players not only save crucial runs for their team but also create opportunities for run-outs and catches. Currently, it is a hotly debated topic among fans as to who the best fielder in the IPL is.

1. AB De Villers – Best fielder in IPL history :

ABD’s fielding ability has earned him the nickname “SUPERMAN.”. Being an athlete by nature, he is capable of anticipating and jumping accordingly to catch the ball. He is also capable of keeping the stumps. ABD is unquestionably one of the best fielders in the game today. Since playing for RCB and Delhi Daredevils, he’s taken 83 catches making him IPL’s best fielder. He would be in the top five fielders in the IPL.

2. Ravindra Jadeja – Best fielder in IPL history 

Many consider Jadeja to be one of the greatest fielders in cricket history. CSK retained Ravindra Jadeja as its third retained player ahead of the 2023 IPL Player Auction. The ability of MS Dhoni to end partnerships during games has often been honed by Jadeja whom MS Dhoni relies upon for his left-arming.

Everyone recognizes Ravindra Jadeja as one of the top all-rounders in the game today. His impressive batting, bowling, and fielding abilities make him a true three-dimensional player. In the IPL, he shines as a star performer, thanks to his outstanding all-rounder numbers. Although he had to prove his batting and bowling skills early on in his league career, his agility on the field never drew any doubt. Ravindra Jadeja is arguably the best fielder in the league.

3. Kieron Pollard – Best fielder in IPL history

Pollard’s been MI’s most reliable man for years; be it at the mid-off or as a fielder, he can often get some amazing takes in the ring. MI fans know about his long-reaching twangs out in front of the boundary ropes. 

The outstanding fielder with 90 catches in the IPL has achieved much in his IPL career. Despite some spectacular catches near the boundary ropes, Pollard’s greatest accomplishment came in IPL 2014 when he pulled off a remarkable catch against RR, sacrificing himself. The catch was honored as the best catch of the season. The catch was also awarded the best catch of the season.

4. Suresh Raina – Best fielder in IPL history

As far as Raina’s fielding is concerned, it consists of a multitude of everything. The excellent reflexes of this individual will not only enable you to save some of the fine strokes played by a batsman inside the 30-yard circle but also some brilliant catches played at the slips by other players.

As an outfielder, the fans of CSK reacted with great happiness when Bravo bowled them and Raina caught them in the fielding report for their team. Raina is considered to be one of the best fielders in the IPL right now. As the player who has the most catches in the IPL with 104 catches, he holds the record for the most catches in the IPL.

5. Dwayne Bravo – Best fielder in IPL history

One particular fielder that stands out among the fielders we have in the game, specifically Bravo, is also well known for taking some astonishing catches and bowls, typically of his own bowling. Besides his elusive skill, CSK fans are also well aware of his robust diving skills and some dazzling saves he has made at the boundary line during matches.

 In his eventful IPL career, Bravo has taken a total of 75 catches because of his dedication and hard work on the field. The best catch of his IPL career by far happened in the IPL 2015 when he went for an absolute ripper on the boundary ropes that eventually saw him dismiss Shane Watson.

Fielders Ranking Player Name Fielders Ranking Player Name
1 Ravindra Jadeja 11 Manish Pandey
2 AB De Villers 12 David Warner.
3 Trent Bolt 13 Kane Williamson
4 Suresh Raina 14 Dwayne Bravo
5 Keiron Pollard 15 Rohit Sharma
6 Hardik Pandya 16 Du Plesis
7 Glen Maxwell 17 Rashid Khan
8 Ben Stokes 18 Aron Finch
9 Steve Smith 19 Eoin Morgan
10 Virat Kohli 20 Umesh Yadav.

Best Bowlers of IPL 2023

IPL 2023 is just going to start in a few days, but let’s recall the memory of IPL 2019 where some exceptional catches were taken by outclass fielders.

Here is the list of best catches in IPL 2019

  • Kieron Pollard (won catch of the season award) MI vs CSK, MATCH 15
  • FAF DU Plessis  CSK vs RCB, MATCH 39
  • Dinesh Karthik ( a wicketkeeper covering almost 30m backward to take the catch) KKR vs MI, MATCH 56
  • KL Rahul ( that was a perfect jump to dismiss Steve Smith) KXIP vs RR, MATCH 4
  • Colin Ingram (converting Chris Gayle’s sixer into a dismissal) DC vs KXIP, MATCH 37
Best fielders of IPL 2020

The quick analysis gives an idea of the 4 teams have the advantage of good fielder when may lead them to win the final.

  • There are 4 good fielders belongs to the Chennai Super Kings team.
  • There are  4 good fielders from the Mumbai Indians team
  • There are 4 good fielders belongs to the Sunrisers team
  • Royal Challengers has 3 good fielders
  • Rajasthan Royals  has the ability of 2 good fielders
  • Kings X1 Punjab has 1 good fielder
  • There is only 1 good fielder who belongs to Kolkata Knight Riders
  • Similarly only 1 good fielder from Delhi Capitals.

So hoping to have a “Field Day” watching these players come into action, in the IPL 2020!

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