Which Is The Best Stand In Chepauk Stadium: MA Chidambaram

Which Is The Best Stand In Chepauk Stadium: You’ve heard of the MA Chidambaram Stadium, haven’t you? Commonly called Chepauk Stadium, it holds a special place in the heart of Indian cricket lovers. Let’s get into its significance and find out the best stands to pick the next time you’re in Chepauk Stadium for a match.

Which Is The Best Stand In Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium

Best Stand In Chepauk Stadium

MA Chidambaram History

Chepauk Stadium is not just any ordinary stadium; it’s the second oldest in India, with a history that resonates with every cricket enthusiast. Established in the early 20th century, it’s been a venue that has witnessed several historical moments, right from the first-ever Ranji Trophy match to Sehwag’s staggering 319 against South Africa. Its distinct pitch is known to add that extra zip and bounce, making it a favorite among many cricketers.

Details of the MA Chidambaram Stadium Stands

The stadium boasts a variety of stands catering to different preferences. Some are close to the action, while others offer panoramic views of the entire field. Stands like the Pavilion Terrace, Anna Pavilion, and the C/D/E – Upper Tier are the most renowned. However, which one is the best for a cricket aficionado?

Seating Recommendations

Best stands In Chepauk Stadium for an unobstructed view

Based on a lot of studies and fan reviews, Best stands In Chepauk Stadium Gallery C and D emerge as top picks. They’re strategically located to offer a fantastic view of the pitch and are known for their comfortable seating. These stands allow you to catch every stroke, every dive, and every celebration up close.

Tips for choosing the right stand

Your choice should largely depend on your preferences. Want a panoramic view? Or do you prefer being close to the action? If budget is a concern, you might also want to consider the ticket pricing for various stands.

MA Chidambaram Stadium Ticket Price

One of the practical things to consider when heading to a match is the ticket pricing. At MA Chidambaram Stadium, ticket prices can range anywhere between INR 1300 to INR 6500. However, these prices may fluctuate depending on the significance and nature of the match.


Chepauk Stadium, with its rich history and distinct pitch characteristics, is an experience in itself. When choosing the best stand, consider your preferences, budget, and what kind of view you want. Remember, it’s not just about watching a match but soaking in the ambience and spirit of the game.

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