The Beautiful Brisbane Show Grounds

The Brisbane Showgrounds is a large event venue located in Bowen Hills, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia. The website allows you to wager on all sports events that are held here as well.

Originally built in 1875, the Showgrounds has undergone extensive renovations and modernizations over the years to become one of the premier event spaces in the city.

The facility features a wide range of indoor and outdoor spaces, making it a versatile venue suitable for a variety of events. At 1xBet you will also find plenty of events that are held here too.

Brisbane Showgrounds

A Venue Built for a Completely Different Purpose

The Brisbane Showgrounds were established for completely different reasons. An event was planned for 1876 called the Intercolonial Exhibition. The idea of this event was to receive guests from all across the British Empire in order to show the progress made by Australia in different realms. Make cricket betting 1xBet now, and use this platform to wager on the most important matches in this country too.

The exhibition was a resounding success. Since the place dedicated to the exhibition also had a huge open area, soon it was realized that this facility was perfect for being used in cricket matches. If you like Australian cricket, you can start betting on it through the 1xBet platform.

Relationship with cricket

Needless to say, since Australians absolutely love cricket, it was soon realized that this facility could be used for hosting matches of this sport too. There were plenty of competitions of this sport that were played here mostly during the early 20th century. At this moment you can find a highly accurate cricket betting prediction on the IPL as well.

Some of the tournaments that were held here over the years include:

  • the Sheffield Shield;
  • the Ashes;
  • and plenty of Test matches too.

In total, 28 first-class cricket matches were held in this venue. All of them took place between 1893 and 1931. Also, two Test matches were played. All of them were between Australia and England. It is also worth noting that the first Test played at the Brisbane Showgrounds also coincided with the debut of the legendary Don Bradman. At 1xBet you can find many features to make your bets, including precise cricket betting predictions that can significantly improve your chances of winning.

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