Can Fantasy Sports Apps Replace Real Cricket Betting?

Cricket is not just a game in many parts of the world; it’s an emotion. Betting on cricket matches, both real and fantasy, has become a popular practice, augmenting the thrill of the game for its enthusiasts. 

With the advent of great betting apps like IPLwin app, wagering has taken a new turn, morphing into something more accessible and engaging. The rise of fantasy cricket has added a new dimension to the betting scene, making it more inclusive and exciting.

This transition has prompted a pertinent question: can fantasy sports apps replace traditional cricket betting?

Can Fantasy Sports Apps Replace Real Cricket Betting?

Understanding Real Cricket Betting

Real cricket betting refers to the practice of placing bets on live cricket matches. The bets can be on various aspects, such as match outcomes, individual player performances, or other specifics like the number of runs in an over. 

It involves understanding player form, pitch conditions, weather, and more, to make an informed prediction. Real cricket betting usually takes place via bookmakers, both online and offline, who offer odds on these varied aspects.

The Rise of Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy cricket is an online game where users create virtual teams of real cricket players. These teams earn points based on the real-life performances of the players in live cricket matches. 

The advent of fantasy cricket apps like Dream11, MyTeam11, and others has revolutionized the way fans engage with cricket. 

The reason behind its popularity is twofold. First, it allows fans to engage with the sport at a deeper, more strategic level. Second, it democratizes the betting process, allowing anyone with an understanding of cricket to participate and win rewards.

Betting in Fantasy Cricket

In fantasy cricket, betting takes a slightly different form. Instead of betting on match outcomes, users are essentially betting on the performance of individual players which is available via IPLwin. 

Users choose a team of players within a given budget and gain points based on their real-life performances. This introduces a new level of strategy and skill into the betting process, with users needing to understand player statistics, form, and even the likely weather conditions.

Why the Shift to Fantasy Cricket Betting?

The shift towards fantasy cricket betting is largely driven by the increased engagement it offers. It adds an element of skill and strategy, making it less of a gamble and more of a calculated decision based on knowledge and analysis. 

Furthermore, regulatory acceptance of fantasy sports as a game of skill in many jurisdictions has made it a legal and socially acceptable form of betting.

Fantasy Cricket App Betting vs. Real Cricket Wagering 

To get a better understanding of the topic discussed you can look at the table below where all the information is put together:

 Fantasy Cricket BettingReal Cricket Wagering
Type of BetBet on individual player’s performanceBet on match results, team performance, and other specific match events
PlatformOnline via fantasy sports appsBoth offline (bookmakers) and online platforms like IPLwin
Engagement LevelHigh – Requires understanding of individual player statistics and formModerate – Requires understanding of team dynamics, pitch conditions, weather, etc.
Legal StatusConsidered a game of skill, and hence legal in many jurisdictionsLegal status varies greatly, illegal in some jurisdictions while others allow it with regulations
Reward SystemUsers gain points based on the real-life performances of chosen players and these points convert into rewardsUsers win or lose based on the outcome of the bet
Risk LevelLower – Based on skills and knowledge about playersHigher – Depends on unpredictable match results
Target AudienceCricket enthusiasts who prefer strategic engagementTraditional bettors who enjoy the risk and thrill of the game outcome
PopularityRising due to increased accessibility and legal statusThe traditional form of betting is widespread but facing regulatory issues

The rise of fantasy cricket betting does not necessarily pose a threat to traditional cricket betting. Instead, it can be viewed as a complementary activity. 

While traditional betting focuses on match results and broader aspects, fantasy betting focuses on individual performances. Both forms of betting cater to different audience segments and can coexist, each offering a unique way to engage with the sport.


While fantasy cricket has changed the landscape of cricket betting, it’s unlikely to completely replace traditional cricket betting. Both forms offer unique experiences and cater to different audience interests.

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