England vs Australia – young players who could play in the upcoming series

As a result of the exciting confrontation on the fields of “Ashes” the eyes of the fans, suddenly left without their portion of the England-Australia spectacle, are already directed to the next series. Two and a half years from now, the two sides could be very different, as this summer’s British squad, dubbed “The Daddy Army”, is the most senior in 95 years.

We have selected some young players who could play in the 2025-26 series in the Americas and if not now then the next time Australia comes to England in 2027.

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James Rew

Age: 19 Role: Wicket Batsman

James Rew is a name on everyone’s lips. The left-handed player has already scored six centuries in the county championship, equaling the record for the most hundreds in the junior competition. He’s hit five hundred this year, including a brilliant 221 coming in at 41-4, and is the leading scorer in the First Division in 2023 – also a regular wicket batsman for Somerset.

Rew scored 95 points in England’s loss to India in the 2022 Under-19 World Cup Final when he was paired with Rehan Ahmad. Former England captain Alastair Cooke: “Rew is a phenomenal player with his stats. He doesn’t fit the pattern of Ben Stokes taking over the game. You could call him a classic batsman. But he probably has more punches than he has shown.”

England vs Australia young players who could play in the upcoming series

Jack Carson

Age: 22 Role: Off-spinner

Jack Carson from Sussex is a bowler whom many connoisseurs believe. The tall off-spinner spent time in the England camp shooting under the supervision of coaches during the Ashes series. He took 87 wickets in 32 first-class matches and impressed the English Lions in Sri Lanka last winter – returning with four wickets in both unofficial games.

Left-handed Jack Leach will only be 34 years old by the start of the next Ashes and will be 36 by the time the series returns to England in 2027, so he will have to compete with the younger generation for a place in the line-up.

Gus Atkinson

Age: 25 Role: Fast bowler

Gus Atkinson is another player who is starting to get some attention. He boasts the backing of former England captain Cooke, knocking out this season’s Essex opener.

Josh Tong, who took five wickets in Ashes’ second Test, Durham pairing Matthew Potts and Brydon Kars, plus Lancashire’s Saqib Mahmoud – if he can enjoy consistent form, will also likely be in contention by winter 2025.

Jamie Smith

Age: 23 Role: Wicket Batsman

Jamie Smith has long been highly regarded, but he is only 23 years old. Earlier this year, he scored 100 of 71 goals for the Lions in Sri Lanka – the fastest 100 in the history of the emerging England team. Able to score quickly but with solid technique, he seems to be made for “Bazball”. TMS commentator Daniel Norcross: “Jamie Smith is definitely England’s next international in four years.”

Rehan Ahmad

Age: 18 years old Role: Spinning bowler

Spinning bowler Rehan Ahmad is an 18-year-old player who is already known to many England fans. Last year he went 5-48 on his Test debut, helping England to a series victory against Pakistan. When Moin Ali suffered a finger injury in the Ashes’ first Test, Ahmad was called up as a substitute, although England ultimately opted not to feature a spinner for the second Test at Lords.

It’s hard for spinners in England’s county cricket, and even more so for legspins, and Ahmad has taken just six wickets in eight matches this season. However, with opportunities expected in white-point cricket formats in the coming years, Ahmad is poised for a great future.

What about Australia?

Australia is known for its “production lines” of fast bowlers and Western Australia’s Lance Morris could be next. The 25-year-old is considered the fastest bowler downstairs and could have played at the Ashes this year if not for a back injury.

There is also hope that 26-year-old Jai Richardson, who took five wickets against England in Adelaide during the 2021-22 Ashes, can overcome his injuries and, although not as quick as Morris, 23-year-old Jordan Buckingham took six. wickets for Australia A in New Zealand this year.

High hopes are for 19-year-old top batsman Teague Willie, who has been named to the 2022 U19 team of the tournament and is already part of Western Australia’s Sheffield Shield-winning team.

Another Western Australian, Aaron Hardy, 24, is an all-around mid-speed bowler who averages 43 points per bat and takes 29 wickets.

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