Fantasy Cricket: Merging the Worlds of Fantasy Sports and Betting

The popularity of fantasy sports is growing rapidly on a worldwide scale. More and more sports fans are joining in on this rising trend, especially in the most watched sports. One of them is cricket, which attracts the attention of a lot of fans throughout the season.

Fans with the biggest knowledge of cricket are eager to show it off to others. This is where the fantasy cricket leagues come in handy. However, they are also using their understanding of the game to place sports bets. Below we will reveal the similarities that merge these two together.

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Before we get to the main part, we must explain what fantasy cricket is to the ones who are wondering. Fantasy cricket is an online game that allows you to construct your own cricket team by drafting real players. That team must consist of players who compete in the same league.

Merging the Worlds of Fantasy Sports and Betting Fantasy Cricket 1 1

You will use your selected team to go head-to-head with your friends or other players. The fantasy cricket league will generate points according to the performances of the players in real-life matches.

To win the tournament, you must generate the most points and reach the highest rank on the leaderboard. It is a super fun activity that many cricket fans enjoy during the season.

It is worth noting that apart from traditional fantasy cricket, you can also compete in a daily fantasy tournament. Here you construct a competitive team only for the weekly games.

Is Fantasy Cricket Similar to Sports Betting?

Some people look at fantasy cricket as a form of sports betting. That is in a way true, but it depends on the type of fantasy cricket. There are competitions that are purely for fun and nothing more.

However, you will also come across fantasy cricket leagues that feature a prize pool. Another name for this type of fantasy cricket is Money League. It requires a certain amount of funds just to enter this competition. But, it does offer a generous prize pool to the winners.

This is why many fans look at fantasy cricket leagues as online cricket bet sites. At both places, you are testing out your luck and knowledge of the game to earn some money. 

Yet, at the sports betting sites, you get much quicker payouts than most fantasy cricket leagues. Some fantasy competitions offer weekly payouts with a slightly lower prize pool than usual. We mentioned these types of fantasy cricket, earlier when talking about the daily fantasy tournaments.


Many countries around the world don’t consider these daily fantasy competitions as gambling. But, in a way, they are very close to sports betting, but in a different format.

At sports betting sites, you can apply for certain bonuses. They can stimulate your betting session and help you win additional payouts. You can find similar offers at certain fantasy cricket leagues. These bonuses come throughout the whole season and they serve as small prizes that can help you reach the top.

Lastly, we must mention that fantasy football and online sports betting are similarly addictive. Many people around the world spend hours trying to build the perfect team for their fantasy league. 

On the other hand, many more fans are trying their luck and skills in cricket betting. Both types increase the winning mentality in people and make them want to come back for more.

Final Thoughts

There are some cricket fans who aren’t into sports betting and see fantasy leagues as a good alternative. But, in reality, it comes with certain features that are very similar to cricket betting. 

Although, both of them have different formats, at the end of the day you play for money. They also require some good knowledge of the game and luck. However, it seems like fantasy cricket needs more dedication and understanding than sports betting.

According to multiple types of research, fantasy sports lead to an increase in sports betting. This shows that many fantasy cricket players will eventually start placing wagers at betting sites. It is especially true for those fans who compete in money leagues, as they get the feel of winning money.

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