How many overs are played in the ICC World Cup?

Hey there, cricket fans! Have you ever wondered how many overs are played in an ICC World Cup match? Well, each match consists of 50 overs per innings. That’s 300 deliveries per team to chalk up as many runs as possible!

ICC World Cup match duration

ICC World Cup Match duration

A single game usually wraps up in about 4-5 hours. Though, if rain decides to be the uninvited guest or if the teams have an intense tie, we could be talking about a longer face-off!

Overs per innings in Cricket World Cup

How many Overs are played in ICC World Cup: To be precise, each team gets a total of 50 overs to bat. That’s 300 balls to aim for those boundaries and sixes. At the end of the day, the team with the most runs takes home the win.

ICC Cricket World Cup format

The World Cup follows a round-robin format. All the competing teams go head-to-head once, and the top four get the golden ticket to the semis. From there, the finale isn’t too far!

Bowling limitations in ICC World Cup

Hold up, bowlers can’t hog all 50 overs to themselves! Each bowler is limited to just 10 overs per innings. So, you’re likely to see a variety of bowlers throughout the match.

ODI Cricket World Cup Overs

ODI cricket matches are played in two innings, with each team batting for 50 overs. The team with the most runs at the end of the match wins. The ICC Cricket World Cup is the pinnacle of ODI cricket, and is played every four years.

ICC World Cup rules

The International Cricket Council (ICC) lays down the law here. Rules range from the nitty-gritty of playing conditions to the scoring system. All aimed at ensuring a fair game.

Total overs in a Cricket World Cup tournament

There are a total of 4800 overs in a Cricket World Cup tournament, assuming that every match is played in full. This is a lot of cricket, and it is one of the reasons why the Cricket World Cup is such a prestigious and exciting event.

Why are 50 overs played in the ICC World Cup?

Three main reasons:

  1. Balance – Enough time to build an innings or make a comeback.
  2. Fan Engagement – 50 overs keep the audience glued.
  3. TV-friendly – Perfect for broadcasting schedules.

Advantages of 50 overs format

  • Variety of match outcomes
  • Suits different playing conditions
  • Most popular with fans

Disadvantages of 50 overs format

  • Can get lengthy for some fans
  • Tough on bowlers
  • Predictability

Other formats of Cricket Matches

We’ve got the Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) and Test cricket too. T20Is are quick and snappy with just 20 overs. Tests? Ah, those are the marathons with no fixed overs but a 5-day match length.

Comparison of Different Cricket Match Formats

ODI504-5 hrsHighest
T20I203 hrsModerate
TestNone5 daysLeast


In conclusion, the ICC World Cup is played in the 50-over format, which is a good balance between the shorter T20I format and the longer Test format. This format is popular with fans and allows for both strategic play and big-hitting.


Why 50 overs in the ICC World Cup?

It provides a balance, keeps fans engaged, and suits TV schedules.

How many bowlers can bowl in an ICC World Cup match?

Each team can use up to 10 bowlers, with each limited to 10 overs.

What are some advantages of the 50-over format?

It allows for various match outcomes and suits different playing conditions.

What are some disadvantages?

The matches can get too long for some fans and can be tough on bowlers.

How does ODI compare with T20I and Test matches?

ODIs offer a balanced format in terms of time and gameplay, making it the most popular format globally.

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