ICC T20 World Cup Points Table 2024 All Teams

T20 WC 2024 Points Table, ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Point Table, WC Points Table 2024, 2024 CWC 2024 Points Table, T20 ICC Cricket World Cup 2024 Schedule: Here is the latest and most current point table for the 2024 T20 World Cup. The table below shows the total wins, losses, and points for each team participating in the T20 World Cup this year. The teams play a minimum of one match in the Super 12 stage. On November 11 & 12, 2024, the four top teams in the Super 12 stage will play in the Semifinals based on the following points table.

 ICC T20 World Cup 2024 Point Table
ICC T20 World Cup Points Table 2024 All Teams

According to the ICC System, each team receives 2 points for a win in each group stage of the T20 World Cup. In the event of a draw during the group stage, the winner will be decided by super over. After each match, the table below displays the point totals, wins, losses, and net run rate for Group 1 & 2 of T20 World Cup 2024. Each team plays five matches within its group. Teams that finish among the top four on the points table advance to the knock-out stage, including the semifinals and finals.

Group A Points Table & Standings:

Group A Points Table & Standings:

Sri Lanka33000+3.7546

Group B Points Table & Standings:

Papua New Guinea30300-2.6550

ICC T20 World Cup Points Table 2024 All Teams

Super 12 Group 1 Points Table & Standings:

South Africa43100+0.7426
Sri Lanka52300-0.2694
West Indies41300-1.5572

Super 12 Group 2 Point Table & Standings:

Pakistan (Q)44000+1.0658
New Zealand32100+0.8164
  • Note: M = Matches Played
  • W = Won
  • L = Lost
  • T = Tied
  • NR=No Result
  • P = Points
  • RR = Run Rate
  • Win – 2 points
  • No Result – 1 point
  • Tied – 1 point

*** Tied (uncompleted Super Overs or Super Overs that remain unfinished)

T20 World Cup 2024 Groups

The ICC has announced and finalized two groups, Group 1 and Group 2. Group 1 includes England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, the Winner of Group A and the Runner-up of Group B. Group 2 includes India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, the Runner-up of Group A, and the Winner of Group B.

T20 World Cup Points Table FAQ

How does the T20 World Cup Points Table in 2024 work?

During the Super-12 Stage of the T20 World Cup, the team’s standings with updated team rankings are displayed on the points table 2024. For the knockout stage of the semi-finals, the top two teams from each group are considered qualified. Below is a description of how the points table is set up during the group stage and what happens afterward:

Group stage

**** If the teams have equal points, the team with the most wins will be ranked higher.

If two teams have equal points and equal wins, the team with the higher net run rate will be placed higher.

** If both teams took the same number of wickets, the team that won the match with the better result will be placed higher in the standings.

*** If still equal then the team position will be determined by drawing lots.

T20 World Cup Team Standings and Points Table 2024:

Fans of cricket can check the points table daily to find out how their favorite teams are doing. As well as showing you which teams are moving on to the Super 12 round. The T20 world cup 2024 standings and points table will be covered in current news and highlights, so everyone will be up-to-date.

Upon completion of each match, each team’s standing is updated. On the live points table, you can see the results from any match you missed. Your favorite team’s current status and the recent match you missed will be displayed. On various broadcasting channels, you can also watch the T20 world cup 2024 games live.

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Keep up with our page for daily updates and news of the T20 world cup 2024. Additionally, you will be able to find the previous records and team rankings of your favorite team. You can watch all the T20 world cup 2024 matches live on T20 broadcasting channels as you support your favorite team.

T20 World Cup 2016 Points Table

Group A

Group AMatWonLostTiedNRPtsNRR

Group B

Group BMatWonLostTiedNRPtsNRR
Hong Kong303000-1.017

T20 World Cup 2016 Super 10 Group 1 Points Table

Super 10 Group 1MatWonLostTiedNRPtsNRR
West Indies4310060.359
South Africa4220040.651
Sri Lanka413002-0.461

T20 World Cup 2016 Super 10 Group 2 Points Table

Super 10 Group 2MatWonLostTiedNRPtsNRR
New Zealand4400081.9

ICC T20 World Cup 2014 – Group 1 Points Table

Group 1MatWonLostTiedNRPtsNRR
Sri Lanka4310062.233
South Africa4310060.075
New Zealand422004-0.678

ICC T20 World Cup 2014 – Group 2 Points Table

Group 2MatWonLostTiedNRPtsNRR
West Indies4310061.971

ICC T20 World Cup 2012 – Group 1 Points Table

Group 1MatWonLostTiedNRPtsNRR
Sri Lanka3300061
West Indies321004-0.38
New Zealand303000-0.17

ICC T20 World Cup 2012 – Group 2 Points Table

Group 2MatWonLostTiedNRPtsNRR
South Africa303000-0.42

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