IPL 2023:Best Fantasy Apps-Fantasy Cricket Tips

Including Fantasy Cricket Tips IPL, Dream11 IPL 2023 Predictions, and Injury Updates, this page will provide you with all the latest fantasy cricket information for all the popular fantasy cricket leagues. One such example of a fantasy game spectrum has been fantasy cricket, which has grown manifold over a previous couple of years. Over the years, the worldwide popularity of cricket has soon made it a sport that is loved by people from all over the world.

IPL 2022 Best Fantasy Apps-Fantasy Cricket Tips

What Is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is a game where you need to create a virtual team of genuine cricketers, who will take part in authentic matches all around the world, using a system-based online game. 

As a matter of fact, the object is to pick your ideal 11 out of all the As a matter of fact, the object is to pick your ideal 11 out of all the 

As the years went on and more and more fantasy platforms appeared all over the internet, some of which include Dream11, FanFight, Gamezy, Dream11, MyCircle11, and many others. You will be able to find a wide range of domestic cricket leagues, international tournaments, and IPL matches on these platforms, as well as the regular formats of cricket – T20, ODI and Tests. There is no doubt that you will find in these fantasy sports apps several different features that are absent in similar apps, such as the 2nd innings contest, fantasy 5-aside matches or how about all four innings of a Test match.

IPL Fantasy League 2023

The Indian Premier League Fantasy League is a virtual game. Participants of this game have the option of creating their own teams by using virtual currency. Real-life players that are players in the various teams competing in the IPL each have a certain value in virtual reality and the goal is to construct a team out of these players. It is obvious that there are certain restrictions such as the upper limit for foreign players in an international team, along with the requirement to include an uncapped Indian cricketer in the team.

Over the course of the tournament, teams are allowed to make certain changes. In terms of virtual participation, the players that comprise each participant’s team accumulate points based on performance. The game includes all aspects of the sport such as scoring runs, taking wickets, catching, maintaining a high strike rate, a low economy rate, causing run-outs and so on. The participants have a real chance at winning actual prizes or cash prizes at the end of the tournament based on their cumulative scores over the course of the season.

How to Play IPL Fantasy League 2023?

How to Play IPL Fantasy League 2023?

In order to start IPL Fantasy League 2023 you need to register and create your account as soon as possible. Here are 4 easy steps to follow.

  • Please choose a match
  • The first step is to create your team
  • Participate in a contest
  • Keep an eye on the match

How to create a team in IPL Fantasy League?

In order to create a team, users can select from different combinations of players. The IPL fantasy league allows one to choose a flexible team as their wish, but there are some rules in selecting players for the team.


There are a maximum of four wicket keepers that users can select for their team in IPL Fantasy League.


It is possible to choose up to 3-6 batsmen in the IPL Fantasy League.


Users can choose from a maximum of 3-6 bowlers for their Dream11 team in IPL Fantasy League.


A user can select a maximum of 1-4 all-rounders to represent their team in the IPL Fantasy League.

The Dream11 Fantasy League fans can create any combination team with the above details, but we recommend the following combination teams to get the top spot. Your team can have a maximum of four overseas players.


In many ways, fantasy cricket is like other fantasy sports. It is the format of the game itself that makes it different from other fantasy sports.

I’ll show you:

  • The team you select will need to be made up of 11 players. You may also need substitute players.
  • The most common restriction imposed by having limited resources to purchase your team is the inability to buy your team. In order to succeed, it is your responsibility to choose the team which will give you the highest chance of winning.
  • As soon as you select your team, you can choose your bowling order and batting order. On your scorecard, you will be able to view your players’ scores and bowling figures.

Where to play IPL Fantasy?

At the official fantasy league page created by IPL, you can play the IPL fantasy league. You can access the page by searching for ‘IPL Fantasy’ on your search engine, or simply going to https://fantasy.iplt20.com/ and entering your email address.

There are many places where you can play IPL fantasy and win real cash prizes on GullyCricket, and you can start with a free $10 signup bonus if you live in the United States or Canada.

A Fantasy league portal usually opens about seven to ten days before the start of the tournament, and it stays open until the end of the season.

IPL Fantasy Tips & Tricks

While IPL Fantasy is a virtual game intended for entertainment purposes, if you are consistent and on top of the leaderboard before the end of the game, you can actually win several prizes like season tickets as well as merchandise. So it is always a good idea to have a few fantasy tips and tricks up your sleeve.

Build a solid core team of Players

In view of the fact that the number of changes available are limited, it might be a good idea to create a strong core team. In order to put together one you must take into consideration the current form and probability that each player will appear in every game in the upcoming year. It is more likely that the captains and vice-captains of all the teams will appear in all the games played by their respective teams.

The Indian contingent is the subject of discussion

Despite the fact that overseas players play an important role in a match, they are only a limited number of them. As a result, the odds in their favor of performing well in the fantasy league are also reduced. Nevertheless, it’s been seen that the team with a larger contingent of Indians stands a better chance of winning. It will be a great advantage if you can build a strong contingent of Indian members for your team.

Make wise choices when it comes to your overseas players

The number of overseas players you can choose for your fantasy team is limited to four. So, it is important to pick them carefully. You should select overseas players who are in the top form of their game and have recently performed well in their games. As a result, if they are unable to perform properly, it is very likely that they will be dropped in the next match, which will cost you a valuable change.

Benefits Of Playing Fantasy Cricket

This game is a fantastic opportunity for you to build on your cricket knowledge and to exercise your mind at the same time.

  • Find out more about the sport
  • Develop your cricketing skills and become a better player
  • Get in touch with a community of like-minded people
  • Making matches more exciting is the key to making them more enjoyable
  • Get a chance to win exciting cash prizes

Is Fantasy Sports Legal ?

It can be argued that a skills game can be defined as one in which the skills and abilities of the individuals taking part play a more prominent role than their mere luck in any online fantasy game.

Participation and winning of a game of skills depends on the individuals’ skills, knowledge and training.

Almost everywhere in the world, fantasy sports are regarded as a legal practice, although some states do not recognize the practice.

It can be said that fantasy sports are based entirely on the concept of Game of Skills, wherein the users create their own teams and are allotted points according to the on-field performances of the players they wish to have on their teams.

Best Fantasy Cricket App: Playerzpot

Best cricket app to earn money: One of the few fantasy cricket games on the market where you can earn rewards in multiple ways is Playerzpot. The majority of cricket fantasy apps in India award cash prizes to their winners, while Playerzpot rewards its users with cash prizes as well as goodies. The game also offers another unique feature known as weekly login, which enables players to earn the chance to win daily prizes by taking part in the weekly task as part of the game. You can download here.

Best Fantasy Cricket App: Sport 11

Best cricket app to earn money: ‘Sport 11’ is the first of a series of fantasy games that cater exclusively to fans of cricket. The game has been developed by a company called DNK Sports. Having emerged as one of the most popular cricket fantasy games since the game’s inception, the fantasy game is known for its fast-growing user base.

Best Fantasy Cricket App: LeagueX

More and more people are joining LeagueX each day to take part in fantasy cricket games. Fantasy Cricket was established in April 2018 and after that, it made its way quickly into the top 10 of the fantasy websites in India. The users of League X can withdraw money instantly and can choose from a wide variety of different leagues to play from. 


The windaddy mobile app was launched in 2020 and has been gaining the attention of users throughout this period. They note the broad list of features and the overall design. Windaddy download

Best Fantasy Cricket App: Faboom

Faboom promises to add ‘FAB’ in a highly competitive market of cricket fantasy apps in 2019 by team that developed Online Poker Platform- 9 Stacks. The app is now one of the most downloaded fantasy cricket apps on the market. It’s not uncommon for players to elect their captain and vice-captain when playing cricket fantasy games; however, at Faboom, we offer a ranking system that’s a unique feature.

Best Fantasy Cricket App in India: My Team 11

 Sanjit Sihag and Vinit Godara founded the My Team 11 project in 2015, which was endorsed by former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag. My Team 11 is available both on the app store as well as on the website. Due to its availability in two languages, round-the-clock assistance, regular and safe play (users can join as soon as the first ball is played) and the fact that it can be played in both languages, this game is quite popular. The application also allows the users to participate in a competition with up to ten different teams at the same time, therefore increasing their chance of winning.

Mobile Premier League Fantasy Cricket

Best cricket app to earn money: It’s the fastest-growing e-sport platform in the country, thanks to Sequoia-backed Mobile Premier league. 

Featured events gave winners the chance to win phones, bikes, cameras, and more, which helped the game grow so quickly. Moreover, it has an easy-to-use and attractive interface as well as allows winners to cash out their winnings immediately via Paytm, UPI, or bank transfer. Indian captain Virat Kohli has been named the brand ambassador of the game. The app is one of the most profitable cricket applications.


In a partnership with Vinfotech, Ojas Vipat and Abhishek Kumar from Junglee games built a fantasy app called Howzat. Due to its unique scoring system, Howzat is different from other fantasy cricket apps and makes online fantasy cricket fun and exciting. In India, Howzat is the best cricket app to earn money.


BalleBaazi however is the same as the other platform, and its main goal is “the best fantasy sports adventure”. 

 Additionally, you may play other fantasy sports such as football, kabaddi, basketball, and baseball. If you register for the first time, you will receive Rs. 50 as a cashback or bonus.

Mobile Premier League (MPL)

We are proud to be ranked sixth in the top 7 fantasy cricket apps of the IPL, where you can simply play, compete, and win cash prizes every day.


Alternative and rival to Dream11.

As per normal, you are given a budget to choose the eleven starting players and the captain. It is possible for you to play in almost any cricket match, either against your friends or even against strangers.We now come to the most unique aspect of HalaPlay.

It is actually possible to create your own league that you can compete in.There are many factors to consider when choosing a tournament: number of players, prize distribution, how many matches should count.


One of the best Fantasy league apps in the market today is definitely one that has over 100 million downloads, a rating of 4.5, and a daily prize pool of more than 25 crores. As well as Dream11 being the official game sponsor of the Vivo IPL 2023, its fantasy league app is one of the best as well.

You will find three types of contests here, the beginner’s head-to-head, and the champion’s contest, which is for the experts to win.

IPL 2023 Fantasy League Referral Codes

If you sign up using the referral codes of the IPL fantasy league apps, you will receive a joining bonus in the form of Indian Rupees. Please ensure that you add those codes to your account. Here are the referral codes for some of the fantasy team apps available for the IPL 2023.

  • Dream11 – YAGNIK207WX
  • My11Circle – 12611565
  • Halaplay – 4HS5A2NV
  • Howzat – EBONUS100
  • MyTeam11 – EBONUS100
  • Fantasy Power11 – EBONUS100
  • FanFight – DNZVV5

Does Dream 11 really give money?

Yes, Dream 11 does award its winners with money. 

This revenue is derived from the entry fee that it charges to its users that use the app.

How does the IPL fantasy league work?

A virtual league play in which participants are able to build their own team of real-life players is known as the Indian Premier League Fantasy League. During the course of the game, virtual participants collect points according to their performance, including runs scored, wickets taken, catches held, maintaining a high strike rate, low economy rate, forcing run-outs, etc.

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