Pakistan Cricket Team’s Visa Delay for World Cup 2023: What’s the Story?

The Pakistan cricket team is the only one of the nine participating teams in the 2023 World Cup to not yet have their visas approved. This has led to speculation that the delay is due to the ongoing political tensions between India and Pakistan.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) had originally planned for the team to fly to Dubai for a two-day team bonding camp before heading to Hyderabad, India for their first warm-up match against New Zealand on September 29. However, due to the visa delay, the PCB has had to cancel the Dubai camp and the team will now fly directly to Hyderabad on September 27.

Pakistan Cricket Team's Visa Delay for World Cup 2023

ESPNcricinfo has reported that the PCB applied for visas over a week ago, but the Indian government has not yet given its approval. The visa process between India and Pakistan is notoriously difficult due to the strained relations between the two countries.

The last time Pakistan toured India was in 2016 for the T20 World Cup. And the last time India and Pakistan played a bilateral series was in 2013. Team India was also not given clearance to tour Pakistan for the Asia Cup earlier this year.

The delay in visas for the Pakistan cricket team is a reminder of the complex political landscape between India and Pakistan. It is unclear when the visas will be approved, but it is hoped that the team will be able to travel to India for the World Cup without any further complications.

Why Pakistan Cricket Team Hasn’t Been Given The Visa For World Cup 2023

The delay in visas for the Pakistan cricket team has sparked a debate about whether sports should be mixed with politics. Some argue that sports should be apolitical and that the Pakistan team should be allowed to participate in the World Cup regardless of the political tensions between India and Pakistan. Others argue that it is understandable for the Indian government to be cautious about issuing visas to Pakistani citizens, given the history of conflict between the two countries.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to issue visas to the Pakistan cricket team is up to the Indian government. It is hoped that the government will make a decision soon, so that the team can prepare for the World Cup without any further disruptions.

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