Pakistan vs India T20 World Cup 2022: Who will officiate?

There were 20 match officials announced on Tuesday by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for the first round of the Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 which will be held in Australia.

Pakistan vs India T20 World Cup 2022 Who will officiate
T20 World Cup 2022 Match officials

The mega event is scheduled to get underway on October 16 while Pakistan will face off against India at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on October 23 in a match that will be broadcast worldwide.

There is a report from the International Cricket Council (ICC) that Ranjan Madugalle will be the match referee for Pakistan vs India. Among the umpires who are going to be on the field are Marais Erasmus and Rod Tucker, while the umpire who will be on television is Richard Kettleborough. 

This tournament is going to feature about 16 umpires, including Pakistanis Aleem Dar and Ahsan Raza, who will be officiating the matches.

There is a quartet of former international cricketers who are part of the match referee team for this year’s eighth edition of the T20 World Cup, including Ranjan Madugalle, who is the Chief Referee of the ICC Elite Panel of Match Referees. As well as the Sri Lankan Madugalle, Andrew Pycroft of Zimbabwe, Christopher Broad of England, and Australian David Boon are also taking part in the tournament.

On October 16th, Pycroft will take over the umpiring duties for the tournament opener at Club Geelong in which Joel Wilson and Rodney Tucker will serve as the umpires. The fourth umpire will be Paul Reiffel, who will act as the television umpire with Erasmus, who will act as the TV umpire.

In the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, Erasmus, Tucker and Dar are all expected to play in their seventh competition, while Langton Rusere will be umpiring for the second time of the year in his second World Cup after umpiring at the Women’s World Cup of 2022, including acting as reserve umpire for the final.

When Australia and New Zealand start the Super 12 round on October 22 in Sydney with Rusere as the TV umpire in place, he will be the TV umpire in place. Rusere will be joined on the field by Adrian Holdstock and Dharmasena (on-field) as well as Richard Illingworth (fourth umpire) for the match, which is a replay of the final from 2021.

There have now been names for the entire field of officials for the first round of the tournament, as well as the Super 12s, but the selections for the semi-finals and final of the tournament are yet to be announced.

T20 World Cup 2022 Match officials

Match Referees: Andrew Pycroft, Christopher Broad, David Boon, Ranjan Madugalle

Umpires: Adrian Holdstock, Aleem Dar, Ahsan Raza, Christopher Brown, Christopher Gaffaney, Joel Wilson, Kumara Dharmasena, Langton Rusere, Marais Erasmus, Michael Gough, Nitin Menon, Paul Reiffel, Paul Wilson, Richard Illingworth, Richard Kettleborough and Rodney Tucker.

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