Teams Who Have Conceded the Most Sixes in IPL History

Teams conceded most sixes in IPL :The Indian Premier League (IPL) is known for explosive batting and huge sixes. With smaller boundaries, flat pitches, and the immense power of modern bats, bowlers often bear the brunt. Here we will analyses which IPL teams have conceded the most number of sixes in the tournament’s history.

Ever since its inaugural edition in 2008, the IPL has revolutionised the way T20 cricket is played. Aggressive batting coupled with fearless hitting has become the norm as batsmen take bowlers to the cleaners. 

Teams That Have Conceded the Most Sixes in IPL History

Teams Who Have Conceded the Most Sixes in IPL History

With stacked batting lineups full of power hitters, no total seems safe anymore. As a result, bowlers end up conceding plenty of maximums, with the number of sixes in the IPL soaring across 60 high-scoring games each season.  

But which IPL franchises have conceded the most number of sixes over the years? This in-depth statistical analysis identifies and ranks the top six-conceding teams in the history of the tournament.

 1. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 1499 Sixes

Royal Challengers Bangalore tops the list with 1499 sixes conceded in 15 seasons, making them the team with the most number of sixes conceded in the history of the IPL. With bowling attack spearheads like Chahal and Umesh Yadav conceding among the most sixes, RCB bowlers regularly get taken apart.

Across 239 innings, RCB concedes over 6 sixes per innings – the highest among all teams in any edition of the IPL. Their home stadium is known as a batting paradise because it has small straight boundaries. Unfortunately, their bowling performance is often not very good. These factors have played a big part in creating this unwanted record.

2. Delhi Capitals – 1378 Sixes 

Delhi Capitals is the second-highest team on the list of IPL franchises that have conceded the most sixes, having conceded 1378 sixes in 237 innings so far. Their previous incarnation as the Delhi Daredevils leaked maximums frequently as well.

With a batting-favoring home stadium, Delhi’s bowlers have struggled to contain opposition willow-wielders. The franchise has chopped and changed bowling attacks, but with little respite, they remain among the teams with a high count of sixes conceded in the IPL.

3. Mumbai Indians – 1367 Sixes

The five-time IPL champions Mumbai Indians takes the third spot with 1367 maximums against their name. Despite boasting excellent bowling units historically, they have often been on the expensive side. 

Across 247 innings, Mumbai’s bowling attack has conceded 1367 hits over the ropes at an average of 5.53 sixes per innings. With a world-class top order, opposition sides go extra hard at the Mumbai bowling to catch up.

4. Punjab Kings – 1345 Sixes  

Punjab Kings (previously Kings XI Punjab) comes next with 1345 sixes leaked in 232 innings. Their fast-scoring home stadium, power-centric batting, and often wayward bowling has led to plenty of balls vanishing over the fence.

Barring the 2020 edition, Punjab’s bowling has consistently conceded over 5 sixes per innings. Despite boasting spearhead Mohammed Shami, their bowling struggles containing batsmen in the powerplay and death overs.  

5. Kolkata Knight Riders – 1315 Sixes

Rounding off the top five is Shah Rukh Khan co-owned Kolkata Knight Riders with 1315 sixes conceded in 237 innings. Historically boasting mystery spinners, KKR’s bowling has delivered mixed results with Metrics sixes per innings over 7 seasons.

Their bowling has gotten hit for at least 5 sixes per innings, highlighting difficulties in containing scoring rates during powerplay and end overs. While defending low totals, their bowling has often disintegrated in the face of all-out attack.


In conclusion, Royal Challengers Bangalore has conceded the most sixes historically, followed by Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians, and Punjab Kings. Compact stadium sizes, batting pitches, and explosive batters have contributed majorly to this six-hitting prowess and bowling difficulties. 

As franchise cricket evolves, the challenge persists for Bowlers Who Have Conceded the Most Sixes in IPL History. These trends indicate a continuous struggle for bowlers to find innovative ways to overcome the six-hitting onslaught. The IPL market thrives on six-hitting entertainment, often causing misery for bowling attacks.

Who holds the record for most sixes in an innings by a team?

Royal Challengers Bangalore holds the record for most sixes clobbered in an innings with 27 sixes against Mumbai Indians

Which stadium has seen the most sixes hit?

The Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai has witnessed 1549 sixes in IPL  making it the ground with most sixes

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