TATA IPL 2023: Top 5 Batting Partnerships to Watch in IPL 2023

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Top 5 Batting Partnerships to Watch in IPL 2023: TATA IPL 2023 promises to be a tournament brimming with fun and excitement. Throughout the years, fans have witnessed several dynamic duos bat together in the TATA IPL, such as Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and AB De Villers.

In 2013, Sachin and Ponting also blessed us with their partnership. During the early 2010s, the TM Dilshan and Chris Gayle partnership was a rage. So, which are the top 5 partnerships to watch out for in this season’s 2023 TATA IPL? Also Download IPL 2023 Schedule Images and Time Table Download PDF.

Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan

Top 5 Batting Partnerships to Watch in IPL 2023

The Indian national team has a top-choice opening partnership that is worth watching out for. Additionally, the Mumbai Indians are fortunate to have two of the best Indian batters on their team. Ishan Kishan and Rohit Sharma have great chemistry and complement each other’s playing styles.

Ishan is known for his explosive batting and can go “slam-bang” from ball one on his day, while Rohit Sharma prefers to take his time. Furthermore, Ishan is left-handed, and Rohit is right-handed, which makes it difficult for bowlers to adjust their angles. As a result, this partnership can make a bowler’s life miserable, especially when they are in form.

KL Rahul and Quinton De Kock

Top 5 Batting Partnerships to Watch in IPL 2023

The Lucknow Super Giants heavily rely on KL Rahul and Quinton De Kock to score runs as they contribute to 35% of the team’s total runs. These two batters play with authority and are vital to the team’s success. While KL Rahul takes his time to build his innings, Quinton De Kock is an aggressive batter who attacks from the outset.

Additionally, De Kock is excellent at handling left-arm pacers, who can trouble Rahul, while Rahul handles off-spinners with ease. Their complementary playing styles make them a dynamic duo worth watching in this IPL 2023 season.

Ravindra Jadeja and Ben Stokes

Top 5 Batting Partnerships to Watch in IPL 2023

The Chennai Super Kings will have two of the best all-rounders in their middle order. If MS Dhoni takes on the role of finisher, then Ravindra Jadeja is expected to bat at number 6, while Ben Stokes is expected to bat at 4 or 5.

Therefore, it is highly likely that we will see Jadeja and Stokes batting together, as both are considered to be top all-rounders in the world. Fans may recall Ravindra Jadeja’s impressive performance, hitting five sixes off Harshal Patel during his prime, and Ben Stokes is no stranger to the IPL scene, having scored two centuries.

Hardik Pandya and David Miller

Top 5 Batting Partnerships to Watch in IPL 2023

The Gujarat Titans heavily rely on their experienced batters Hardik and Miller to do the bulk of the scoring. Gill may open the innings for the Titans, but it is Hardik and Miller who are the engines of the team’s middle order.

Last season, both players managed to cross the 500-run mark, leading the Titans to become IPL 2022 champions. Miller is known for his ability to win games from tight situations, and Hardik possesses a similar skill. Additionally, their left-right combination puts pressure on bowlers, as both are aggressive batters who attack from the outset.

Glenn Maxwell and Virat Kohli

Top 5 Batting Partnerships to Watch in IPL 2023

Glenn Maxwell can be a destructive force against the opposition on his day, while Virat Kohli is a consistent batter who always manages to cause some damage. Even if Kohli does not make a huge impact, he can still score a decent number of runs with a strike rate of 130-135. Kohli is known for his exquisite drives, while Maxwell is known for his powerful short-arm jabs.

When Glenn Maxwell and Virat Kohli are in form, they make for a deadly combination. Imagine if both players are having a good day and feeling confident – the opposition would have a tough time competing against them. It is highly likely that we will see both of these players batting together in the upcoming TATA IPL 2023 season, which could be a nightmare for the opposing team.

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