Top ICC World Cup Live Screening Bars In Mumbai

The ICC World Cup season is upon us, and cricket fans across the globe are buzzing with excitement. For Mumbaikars, the thrill of watching a match is not just limited to their living room. The city’s lively bars elevate the experience, offering massive screens, vibrant atmospheres, and the camaraderie of fellow fans.

ICC World Cup Screening

Why Watch at Bars?

The spirit of cricket gets amplified when shared. Bars and pubs in Mumbai not only offer large screens but also a collective energy of cheering fans, spontaneous celebrations, and the inevitable groans of a missed shot. Plus, what better than pairing a nail-biting match with some scrumptious food and chilled beverages?

Top Bars in Mumbai for ICC World Cup Screening

  • The Irish House: Famous for its European and American dishes, the vibrant atmosphere makes watching matches here an absolute delight.
  • Blanco: With open-air seating, this spot offers live music, making it an attractive destination for live cricket screenings.
  • The Elbo Room: Don’t judge this bar by its size! A neighborhood favorite, its variety in drinks and finger foods won’t disappoint.
  • Open House Cafe And Bar: A haven for those looking for diverse cuisine options and a night of karaoke post the match.
  • Raasta: Its casual setting and myriad of drink options make it a top spot for cricket fans.
  • Havana Café & Bar: Dive deep into Mexican, European, and Spanish delicacies while cheering for your team.
  • The Boston Butt: Its aesthetically pleasing interiors paired with a variety of cuisines ensure a satisfying match-watching experience.
  • The Bar Stock Exchange: Perfect for those looking for a classy setting with an array of cuisines to choose from.

Tips for Enjoying the Matches

  • Arrive Early: These bars can get crowded, especially during important matches. Get a good spot by arriving early.
  • Choose Wisely: Not every friend is a cricket enthusiast. Choose your company wisely for maximum fun.
  • Order in Advance: Don’t miss crucial moments by waiting for your order. Some bars get extremely busy, so plan your meals and drinks.

Conclusion ICC World Cup matches are a spectacle, and watching them in a live-screening bar in Mumbai just doubles the excitement. So ditch that couch, pick a venue from the list, gather your friends, and immerse in the cricket frenzy this season.


Which bars in Mumbai are best for the ICC World Cup screening?

The Irish House, Blanco, The Elbo Room, among others, offer fantastic live screening experiences.

How early should I arrive at the bar for a match?

It’s advisable to arrive at least an hour before the match starts, especially for crucial games.

Do these bars offer special discounts during the match?

Some bars may offer special discounts or combo deals. It’s best to check with the individual bar beforehand.

Is it better to book a table in advance?

Given the cricket craze, booking a table in advance is a smart move.

Can I find vegetarian food options at these bars?

Absolutely! All the bars listed offer a variety of vegetarian dishes.

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