Websites or Apps like Rario

Fantasy esports has taken the world by storm, and India is emerging as the largest market for fantasy sports. Growing by leaps and bounds, fantasy sports boasts a whopping 13 crore fan base. This unprecedented growth is attributed to tech-savvy millennials, high-speed Internet connection, and undying love for cricket and other sports. 

As such, fantasy sports platforms like Rario did not take long to penetrate the Indian gaming market and establish a solid foundation. 

Websites or Apps like Rario

Rario is the most prominent digital cricket collectible platform committed to bringing cricket fans together like never before. The platform allows cricket enthusiasts to collect, trade and own unique digital assets representing their favorite players, teams, and moments in cricket. In addition, the extensive collection of cricket-themed collectibles draws sports lovers to this platform in large crowds. 

Sign up on the Rario platform and get a $10 bonus. Get started on the platform by collecting limited-edition digital player cards from the marketplace and accessing massive rewards and exclusive games. 

Rario’s popularity has inspired others to join the fantasy sports sector. Here are the apps similar to Rario that you must check out. 

1. Striker Club

Striker Club is an online fantasy platform where users create fantasy cricket teams using player cards. Users compete in different contests, like free, mini-fantasy, and paid fantasy contests, to win lucrative cash prizes. 

Users trade player cards from the marketplace to win massive rewards. On Striker Club, there are five types of cards – Striker, Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The platform calculates the bonus points according to the card type. For instance, players with a Common Card multiply their fantasy points by one, and players with a Rare Card multiply it by 1.5. The Striker Card is the highest rarity and points are multiplied by 3. 

On the Striker Club platform, players can participate in various contests by making fantasy cricket teams and trading player cards to earn money from the marketplace. The fantasy cricket team on this platform consists of five player cards, and if the cards are of a higher rarity level, users stand a chance to win big. 

Since PhonePe, UPI, and Paytm are the withdrawal partners of Striker Club, players can instantly withdraw their winnings and prepare for the next contest. 

2. FanCraze

FanCraze is a platform dedicated to cricket fans wanting to own memorable cricket moments. The platform officially allows users to own cricket moments as an NFT on the blockchain. 

On the FanCraze platform, users collect player cards and play cricket games to win exciting rewards. Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, and Jonty Rhodes are some featured players users will find on the platform. 

Users can kick-start their collection by signing up and purchasing their first licensed moments and player cards. In addition, users can get up to $1 million in cash rewards. 

The collection of match highlights on the platform has its rarity, which tells users the different available versions. It is the level of rarity that decides the collection value. As a result, users can efficiently trade collectibles in the FanCraze marketplace. 

3. is the first-ever cricket NFT and their 55000 NFTs, along with the special 2011, 2003, and 1983 world cup NFT collection, was a huge success. These NFTs are the access keys to the Metaverse-based play to earn an NFT game on cricket called the Meta Cricket League. 

On the marketplace, users will find ongoing secondary sales where they can buy and trade NFTs. 

The platform is an excellent treat for cricket lovers, where they can own authentic cricket NFTs and play the game they love to earn lucrative rewards. In addition, users can enjoy a virtual experience of playing the game in Metaverse, which makes this platform more enjoyable and interactive. 

4. MPL 

MPL may not deal with digital player cards or cricket NFTs, but the platform is highly sought-after for fantasy cricket games. 

On this platform, users make a virtual cricket team of eleven players out of twenty-five players and then participate in various ongoing and upcoming cricket matches. To win, players must have in-depth knowledge of the game and follow sports news to find out the performance of the cricket players, the players that are part of the upcoming leagues, pitch and weather conditions, etc. 

Players can make multiple virtual fantasy teams with different combinations of players to increase their winning chances. In addition, the platform allows for instant withdrawal of winnings. You can sign up, choose a match and create your team. Then, participate in various contests to win cash prizes. 

5. Dream11

Dream11 is another well-known fantasy sports platform where players can engage in various sports, including cricket. For example, users can create virtual cricket teams of real players playing real-life matches. The fantasy points are awarded according to the players’ performance in a live game. 

On this platform, you can join the fantasy cricket league by selecting a match, creating a team, and joining different contests. Similar to MPL, the platform does not deal with digital cricket playing cards or NFTs. 


Have you joined the likes of Rario, Strike Club, or MPL yet? These platforms are revolutionizing fantasy sports and taking cricket fever to the next level. 

If you are a cricket enthusiast, you can start playing fantasy sports games by creating your virtual cricket team and earning money based on the players’ performance in live matches. Or you can sign up for platforms dealing with digital player cards and NFTs to trade and win in marketplaces and build your cricket collection. 

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