Which Is The Best Stand In Chinnaswamy Stadium? – A Complete Guide

Which Is The Best Stand In Chinnaswamy Stadium? If you’re a cricket enthusiast, the name ‘M Chinnaswamy Stadium’ probably rings a bell. Located in the heart of Bangalore, this stadium is not just a cricketing ground but a significant part of India’s cricket history.

Best Stand In Chinnaswamy Stadium

A Peek into M Chinnaswamy Stadium

The Historical Perspective Named after the notable Indian cricket administrator and lawyer, Mangalam Chinnaswamy, this ground has witnessed countless gripping matches since its inauguration in the 1972-73 season.

It paid tribute to M. Chinnaswamy’s contribution, as he not only served the Karnataka State Cricket Association but also was the BCCI President from 1977-1980.

An Environmental Pioneering Setting it apart, the M Chinnaswamy Stadium was the first cricket stadium globally to harness solar energy, demonstrating a perfect blend of sports and sustainability.

Which Is The Best Stand In Chinnaswamy Stadium?

Recommendations and Views Seeking the finest viewing experience? The G upper, A upper, C upper, P3, P4, and Terrace stands are among the most recommended for an unobstructed and thrilling view of the game.

A Detailed Look at Chinnaswamy Stadium Stands

General StandsHospitality Stands
Kei wires & cables aQatar airways fan terrace n
Puma bQatar airways p1 annex
Boat cHappilo grand terrace
Hindware d corporateQatar Airways e executive lounge
Happilo pavilion terrace
Kei wires & cables p corporate
Qatar airways p2

M Chinnaswamy Stadium Ticket Insights

Ticket Price Range A ticket to witness a game here can set you back anywhere between INR 2100 to INR 30800, although prices might fluctuate based on the significance of the match.

How to Secure Your Spot? Be it an electrifying IPL match or an intense international face-off, tickets can be grabbed both online and offline. Online portals such as BookMyShow and PayTM insider are popular platforms, but a direct walk-in to the stadium counter works just as well!

What’s the legacy of M. Chinnaswamy?

M. Chinnaswamy was a renowned cricket administrator and served as BCCI’s President from 1977-1980.

Which stand offers the best view for evening matches?

The G upper, A upper, and Terrace stands are among the top recommendations.

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