IPL 2023: Best Batting Strike Rate In IPL

Best Batting Strike Rate In IPL: The key to batting in T20 cricket is to keep your strike rate high throughout every game you participate in. The reason is that if a batsman has a high strike rate, the score can change greatly in the overall process and it will make it easier for the other batsmen as they try to pursue the target. 

There are very few players who can hit the ball at the rate of 140 or more when they bat. There have been a few players who have been able to accomplish this in IPL (Indian Premier League). 

IPL has witnessed some amazing batting performances over the years. Batting strike rate is one of the most important metrics in cricket that determines how efficiently a batsman scores runs. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the best batting strike rate in IPL history, analyzing the top performers and their contributions to the league.

Best Batting Strike Rate In IPL

Best Batting Strike Rate in IPL 2023 Stat

Rashid KhanGT511100.00275.00
Umran MalikSRH419100.00237.50
Heinrich KlaasenSRH352252.00236.36
Mark WoodLSG411100.00220.00
Nicholas PooranLSG514135.25216.92
Marco JansenSRH313100.00216.67
Akash DeepRCB217100.00212.50
MS DhoniCSK559100.00210.71
Ravi BishnoiLSG56200.00
Shardul ThakurKKR510125.25198.04

Andre Russell-Best Batting Strike Rate In IPL

In the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the best strike rate has been recorded by Andre Russell, the current all-rounder of the Kolkata Knight Riders. With a strike rate of 178.57, the Jamaican all-rounder has scored 1700 runs in 70 innings with a strike rate of 1700. 

Currently, Russell has a batting average of 28.92. He is considered one of the most valuable strikers of the most popular T20 league. Through his power hitting ability, he has won many matches by himself.

Sunil Narine Highest strike rate in IPL

The Caribbean all-rounder Sunil Narine boasts the second best strike rate in the history of the Indian Premier League. The mystery spinner combined with a power hitter has amassed 954 runs in 76 innings at a strike rate of 161.69. 

It was earlier in his career that Narine used to be a bowler, but later in 2016, he started to open for Kolkata Knight Riders and showed the world the power of his hard hitting. 

Virender SehwagMost Explosive Batsmen in IPL

In the Indian Premier League, former opener Virender Sehwag has the 3rd best strike rate out of all players. For the Indian Premier League, Sehwag played for Delhi from 2008 to 2013. After that, he moved to Punjab Kings where he continued playing until 2015. 

During his career, Sehwag has scored 2728 runs from 104 innings at a strike rate of 155.44. As a player whose motto was to hit every ball for a boundary regardless of the format, Sehwag had made a lot of highlights. This was the reason that made him unique among all other cricketers in the world. 

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Chris MorrisThe Big Show of IPL

Chris Morris is one of the all-rounders from South Africa who has the 4th best strike rate in the Indian Premier League. Since Morris is currently playing for Rajasthan Royals, he has played for various franchises including Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevils, and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

 He has scored 618 runs at a strike rate of 155.27 in 51 innings for his team. Morris can hit the ball like a monster with his bat. He recently won his team’s match against Delhi Capitals by hitting 36 off 18 balls and scoring 129 runs. After losing in the first game, Rajasthan was able to win the second one. 

Nicholas Pooran

Nicholas Pooran, a West Indian middle-order batsman, has the 5th highest strike rate in the history of the IPL. With a strike rate of 155.44, the batsman has scored 606 runs in 31 innings for the Punjab kings. Throughout his career, he has averaged 27.89 runs per innings.

 A six-hitting prospect, this youngster impresses with his acrobatic fielding skills as well as his big six-hitting abilities. 

Hardik Pandya

All-rounder Hardik Pandya, who plays for Mumbai Indians and the Indian team, has the 6th highest strike rate in IPL. There is no doubt about the fact that Pandya is known for his slog in the cricket fraternity. As a Mumbai Indians player he has played 85 innings and has scored 1476 runs at a strike rate of 153.91 with the ball. 

There is no doubt about the fact that he is a very good spin bowler, so if any team bowls spin in the death overs, he has the ability to make the fielders, the spectators, go crazy. 

Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell is the Australian all-rounder with the seventh highest strike rate in the IPL. During his time with Colorado Rapids, Maxwell scored 2018 runs in 93 innings at a strike rate of 151.84 at the plate. Maxwell is the type of player that every team wants to have in their squad.

The fact that he is good at every aspect of the game tells you that he is a good player. When it comes to T20 cricket, he strikes like a giant. 

AB De Villers

AB De Villers of South Africa has the 8th best strike rate among all players in the IPL. DE Villers is one of those players that only come along once every few generations. In fact, he is probably the greatest power hitter in the history of the game. AB is one of the most difficult players for bowlers to deceive. 

It is considered that he is one of the best batsmen of all time because he proved that a batsman can play short shots in any corner of the ground. At a strike rate of 151.68, Ab has amassed 5162 runs in 184 matches. This a staggering achievement. 

Shimron Hetmeyer

In the Indian Premier League, the Caribbean batsman Shimron Hetmeyer has the 10th highest strike rate. Hetmeyer is someone who has quickly made a name for himself in international cricket during a relatively short time period. Shimron has established himself as a power hitter who has the ability to deal with sixes from any bowler in any category. 

During his stint with the Delhi Capitals, he has amassed 517 runs in 29 innings at a strike rate of 151.16. The southpaw continues to play in the senior West Indies cricket team.

Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler, a wicket-keeper batsman who plays for the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League, currently holds the 10th position in terms of best batting strike rate in the Indian Premier League. 

He has gained an impressive strike rate of 150.00, which is evident by the 1968 runs he has scored in 65 matches so far. The right-handed batsman is one of the few on Earth who has the skills to attack every bowler from the very first ball he sees.

What is the highest batting strike rate in IPL history?

Andre Russell holds the record for the highest strike rate in IPL history, with a rate of 178.57.

Who has the highest strike rate in IPL 2021?

As of IPL 2021, Glenn Maxwell has the highest strike rate among batsmen who have played at least 5 matches, with a rate of 149.46.

How does batting strike rate affect a player’s selection in IPL?

Batting strike rate is a crucial factor in a player’s selection in IPL, especially for T20 specialists. Teams look for players who can score quick runs and maintain a high strike rate throughout the innings.


Batting strike rate is an essential metric in T20 cricket, and IPL is no exception. Players with a high strike rate can turn the game in their team’s favor and leave a lasting impact on the tournament. In this article, we analyzed the top performers with the best batting strike rate in IPL history, along with their contributions to the league. We also discussed the importance of strike rate in T20 cricket and its impact on a player’s selection and team’s success. By understanding the nuances of batting strike rate, fans can appreciate the game better and witness some spectacular performances in the future editions of IPL.

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