Best Bowling Figures In ODI World Cup 2019

Best Bowling Figures In ODI World Cup 2019 – While the batting team can achieve high scores, its effectiveness relies on a strong bowling lineup. This lineup plays a crucial role in defending or limiting opponents, ultimately influencing the outcome of matches.

In the 2019 ODI World Cup held in England, the fast bowlers played a significant role in the wickets column. The top ten wicket-takers were primarily the leading pace bowlers from the world’s best bowling units.

In this article, we’re sharing fascinating insights into the top bowling performances of the Cricket World Cup 2019. Throughout cricket history, fast bowlers have injected the game with passion and intensity, while spin bowlers have contributed an artistic touch.

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup showcased numerous gripping displays of bowling prowess. Some of these performances turned the tide for teams on the brink of defeat, while others defended modest scores with exceptional skill.

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Most wickets in world cup 2019

Best Bowling Figures In ODI World Cup 2019

Here are the top-five wicket-takers in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019:

Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc, Australia’s most feared bowler in today’s international cricket scene, showcased his exceptional skills when his team needed them the most. Starc faced significant criticism for his lackluster performances leading up to the tournament.

However, the rapid-paced bowler shone brightly by capturing 27 wickets in only ten matches, securing the position of the highest wicket-taker in the tournament. This marked Starc’s second consecutive time as the top wicket-taker in the World Cup. In the ICC World Cup 2015 hosted at home, the left-arm dynamo took 22 wickets.

Lockie Ferguson

The group of lightning-fast bowlers is secure with the present batch of speedsters, including players like Lockie Ferguson from New Zealand. Ferguson stepped up when it mattered, taking a total of 21 wickets in 9 matches during the tournament.

His finest performance was taking 4 wickets for 37 runs. As a result, the New Zealand paceman stood as the third-highest wicket-taker in the World Cup 2019.

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Jofra Archer

Observing Jofra Archer unleash his rapid pace was a delight for fans who love fast bowling. The English speedster consistently reached speeds exceeding 150 kmph. His top performance was 3 wickets for 27 runs in a single match.

Moreover, Archer skillfully utilized his talents to generate movement and bounce from the lively pitches in England. This resulted in him claiming a total of 20 wickets in the tournament, a figure he shared with Mustafizur as the third-highest wicket-taker.

Mustafizur Rahman

Fizz secured the fourth-highest number of wickets, totaling 20 dismissals throughout the tournament. Remarkably, he achieved this impressive feat in only eight matches, the fewest among the top five players.

However, despite Rahman’s exceptional performance and Shakib al Hasan’s contributions in their respective roles, Bangladesh couldn’t advance to the knockout stage. Fizz’s standout moments occurred against India and Pakistan, where he took five wickets in both matches

Jasprit Bumrah

In World Cup 2019, Jasprit Bumrah of India clinched 18 wickets across nine matches, securing the fifth spot among the leading wicket-takers.

Bumrah’s performances were impactful in both crucial moments at the end of the innings and at the start, with his finest performance being 4 wickets for 55 runs. Captain Virat Kohli relied on him as the main bowler whenever he sought to dismantle partnerships during the middle overs.

Most Wickets in ODI World Cup 2019

Here is the list of bowlers with most wickets in world cup 2019:

1Mitchell Starc27
2Lockie Ferguson21
3Jofra Archer20
4Mustafizur Rahman20
5Jasprit Bumrah18
6Mark Wood18
7Mohammad Amir17
8Trent Boult17
9Shaheen Afridi16
10Chris Woakes16

Who take Most Wickets in ODI World Cup 2019?

Mitchell Starc take 27 wickets in World Cup 2019.

Who are the wicket-takers in the World Cup 2019?

In the 2019 World Cup, Mitchell Starc took 27 wickets, Lockie Ferguson secured 21 wickets, Jofra Archer claimed 20 wickets, Mustafizur Rahman also take 20 wickets, and Jasprit Bumrah contributed with 18 wickets.

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