JioTV IPL 2024 Live Streaming – Get Extra Free Data with JioTV’s Special Offer for IPL 2024

On the eve of the 16th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024, which kicks off on Friday, 31st March, Reliance Jio revealed a list of special offers both for prepaid subscribers and postpaid subscribers. Now all of them waiting to watch IPL live on JioTV. You can watch IPL Live on JioCricket Tv in full HD format. In order to allow its customers to enjoy live streaming of the IPL cricket action via Hotstar, the Mumbai-based telecom operator also decided to offer them a free 10GB of data as well as a Disney+ Hotstar subscription. 

With the launch of these plans, Jio along with Cricket has released a new app, which all Jio customers can use free of charge. Using this app, Jio customers will be able to track their scores, participate in quizzes, and win prizes from Jio.

JioTV IPL 2022 Live Streaming – Get Extra Free Data with JioTVs Special Offer for IPL 2022

Earlier today, news was shared about the upcoming live stream of the upcoming IPL 2024 that the special agreement between IPL’s official streaming partner HotStar and JioTV reached an agreement for the live streaming of the IPL this year. With this, millions of JioTV and Hotstar customers will be able to enjoy the VIVO IPL 2024 action on their TV screens.

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How To Watch IPL On JioTv – Online Live IPL 2024 streaming

Regardless of where you are, you can watch IPL on Jio TV app no matter where you are. It is now possible to watch the IPL 2024 season on your Android and iOS devices with JioTV. JioTV serves as an application to enjoy live streaming of sports, movies, news, and other stuff. It is a free service offered by Reliance group that is available to all JioSim customers; all you need to do is simply put a JioSim in your smartphone and enjoy the content 

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While JioTV offered free live streaming of the Indian Premier League to its users, HotStar charged its subscribers after five minutes of free live streaming. The majority of Hotstar’s reach during IPL 2021 came from Jio TV, according to industry experts.

In addition, HotStar claims to have broken the 300Mn viewer mark and recorded an increase of 74% in watching time through IPL 2019 in comparison to IPL 2018. Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians set an IPL record with 18.6 million concurrent users during the final between the two teams.

TATA IPL 2024 Live Streaming Offer on Reliance JioTV

If you choose one of Jio’s Postpaid Plus Plans, you will receive a one year subscription to Disney+HotStar VIP for access to the IPL 2024 live streaming. As part of its prepaid packages, Jio is also offering Disney+HotStar VIP Subscription(1 Year) to its customers. There are a variety of prepaid Jio plans starting from Rs 401 and going up to Rs 2599. We have listed them below.

Rs 401 Jio Prepaid Plan

The Disney+HotStar VIP Subscription includes a Disney+HotStar VIP Subscription that is valid for one year, with 3GB of data per day and 6GB of additional data per day.

Rs 598 Jio Prepaid Plan

This plan includes Disney+HotStar VIP Subscription for one year with 56 days of validity which includes 2GB of data per day, unlimited voice calls, and Disney+HotStar VIP Subscription of one year.

Rs 777 Jio Prepaid Plan:

 You can get 1.5GB of data daily with 5GB of additional data on top of that and unlimited calls. Included in this plan is an 84-day Disney+HotStar VIP Subscription valid for 1 year.

Rs 2599 Jio Prepaid Plan

The Disney+HotStar VIP Subscription packages come with daily data allowances of 2GB and additional data allowances of 10GB and include unlimited calls as well as Disney+HotStar VIP Subscriptions for one year.

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JIO TV IPL 2024 live Streaming

Jio TV has emerged as a popular live-streaming platform in India, offering a diverse range of content across various genres. With the Indian Premier League (IPL) being one of the most-watched sporting events in the country, Jio TV has made it easier for fans to catch their favorite teams in action through its dedicated IPL live streaming service.

In addition to sports, Jio TV also offers live streaming of other major sporting events, including football and cricket matches. The platform also caters to entertainment lovers with live streaming of movies, TV shows, and web series on Jio Entertainment.

What is the best way to watch the IPL 2024 for FREE or with Special Recharge Offers for Disney+ Hotstar Subscription?

Jio also offers Jio Cricket Play that is accessible via MyJio App, which is another service offered by Jio. In Jio Cricket Play, you can access cricket quizzes, emojis, and even cricket emojis that are available to everyone, Jio and non Jio customers alike.

The JioCricket app, which is available on the Jio phones, is also capable of providing real-time results during IPL matches. The JioCricket app can be downloaded to keep up with IPL 2024 News, Live Scores, JIO Live Scores and Scorecards at your fingertips. 

IPL 2024 will also see Jio sponsor all 8 teams in the league. In the event that you are a Jio customer, you will have a chance to win a chance to meet the players at the Jio Coffee Session Meet and Greet.

Watch IPL Online Live With JioCricket

Jio TV offers exclusive custom-made customized channels. The Jio Cricket channels are Jio Cricket 1, Jio Cricket 2, all of which are available on your Jio Tv app and will be available during IPL Season 2024 where you can watch IPL matches on these Jio Cricket channels. You do not need to subscribe to any premium service. You can always watch replays of IPL matches on JioCricket channels.

Can we watch IPL 2024 free on jio tv?

Jio Cinema will stream all IPL 2024 matches on its platform in 11 different regional languages for free (but with ads). Moreover, as per a report by exchange4media, Sports18 has also decided to air IPL 2024 on the Jio TV app for free

Will IPL 2024 be streamed on jio tv?

India, telecom giant Jio is reportedly planning to live stream the upcoming season of IPL 2024 in India for free.

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