List of Centuries in T20 World Cup International by Player:

The Centuries in T20 World Cup is not like its Test and ODI counterparts. In 20 over game, a one-match player can play only maximum 10-15 overs, but still he can make an impact with his inning by making a big score. Centuries in the T20 world cup are considered to be the most special innings of all.

List of Centuries in T20 World Cup International

This is a list of centuries in T20 World Cup International. Centuries are scored when a batsman scores 100 or more runs in an innings, either batting first or second. A century is regarded as a landmark score for batting in cricket. Centuries have been scored by many players including Sachin Tendulkar, Chris Gayle, and Hashim Amla.

The players discussed below are the ones who have made a record in centuries in T20 cricket.

Rohit Sharma:

Right-handed batsman Rohit Sharma represents India in cricket. It is his most centuries in T20 International Cricket that have put him in the opening position. He has scored 2422 runs in four centuries across 96 matches. 32.72 is his average. During his career, he spent seven years in various positions.


Colin Munro:

New Zealand batsman Colin Munro plays for the Black Caps. Among the top five-century scorers in T20 International Cricket, he is a left-handed player. A century has been made in each of his 52 matches. He hit 161.99 out of 33.59, and his average is 33.59. Colin Munro scored 1411 runs in 49 innings.


Evin Lewis:

The most centuries by a batsman are scored by Evin Lewis, who is third. The left-handed batsman is from the West Indies. Ewin Lewis achieved two centuries in 23 matches. A 29.40 is his average, and a 125 is his best score. During his 23 appearances, he has made 647 runs.


KL Rahul:

KL Rahul plays opening cricket for India. Two centuries were made by him in 28 matches, a record. In 28 matches, he has scored 110 runs and has completed 899 runs. Between 2016 and 2019, his career average is 42.80.


Aoran Finch:

In 52 matches, Aoran Finch has scored two centuries. He is an opening batsman from Australia. At the time of writing, he scored 172 out of 180. There are 1671 runs he has made in 52 matches. Between 2011 and 2019, he has averaged 37.13.


Max Well

Australia’s Glenn Maxwell is on sixth place on the all-time list of most centuries scored by batsmen in T20 international cricket. In his career, he has scored two centuries in 59 games (53 innings) over the span of 2012-2019.


Chris Gayle

As the most century-scoring batsman in international T20 cricket, Chris Gayle from West Indies plays in 7th place on the list. A total of 2 centuries have been scored during his career span (2006-2019*). 


Brendam Macculum

Among the most century scores by batsmen in T20 international cricket, former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum is eighth. Over the Career Period From 2005-2015, he has scored two centuries in 71 games (70 innings). 


Martin Guptil

Among batsmen who have made T20 international centuries, Martin Guptill of New Zealand ranks ninth. Between 2009 and 2019, he has scored two centuries (74 innings) in 76 matches. 


South African batsman Faf du Plessis has scored 100 runs in international T20 cricket ten times in a row. During The Career Span Of 2012-2019*, he has scored 1 century in 44 matches (44 innings).


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