Most Dismissals by Wicket Keeper in T20 World Cup

Wickets are an essential aspect of any game. The Wicket Keeper is an integral part of the Wicket Keeping group. Wicket Keepers hold on to the Wickets giving them to fellow team members or Bowlers, depending on who takes over Wickets. Wicket Keepers have different styles.

This statistic is essential, as it shows the wicket-keeping skills of a player. It also reflects on his ability to keep up with the fast pace of T20 cricket.

Most Dismissals by Wicket Keeper in T20 World Cup

Here you will find Most Dismissals by Wicket Keeper in T20 World Cup

MS Dhoni:

The Indian wicketkeeper is known for his skills. A wicketkeeper with the most dismissals during the World Cup in him. As of now, he has played 33 matches and dismissed 32 opponents. Twenty-one catches, and 11 stumps were taken in total. He is dismissed 0.97 times per match.

Kamran Akmal:

Pakistan is his native country. Pakistan’s wicketkeeper plays for the national team. There were 30 matches he had played. A total of 30 dismissals have been taken by him, including 12 catches and 18 stumpings. His dismissal rate per match is 1.00.

D Ramdin :

Ramdin D is a wicketkeeper from the West Indies. Currently, he has 29 matches under his belt. At the World Cup, he has taken the most dismissals of any wicketkeeper. His dismissals include 18 caught and nine stumped batsmen. His dismissal rate per inning is 0.93.


The wicketkeeper for Sri Lanka is he. During the world cup, he has played 31 matches. He has dismissed 26 people. His 14 stumpings included 12 catches. He is dismissed 0.84 times per match.

Mushfiq Ur Rahim:

Currently, Muhafiq ur Rahim plays for Bangladesh as a wicketkeeper. Twenty-nine of his 25 matches have ended in dismissals for him. Ten catches and nine stumps are included in the total number of dismissals. He has a total of 0.76 dismissals per match.

PlayerSpanMatInnsDisCtStMax Dis InnsDis/Inn
MS Dhoni (INDIA)2007-201633323221114 (4ct 0st)1.000
Kamran Akmal (PAK)2007-201430303012184 (0ct 4st)1.000
D Ramdin (WI)2007-20162929271894 (0ct 4st)0.931
KC Sangakkara (SL)2007-201431312612143 (2ct 1st)0.838
Mushfiqur Rahim (BDESH)2007-20162524191093 (1ct 2st)0.791
MV Boucher (SA)2007-20101616161513 (3ct 0st)1.000
Q de Kock (SA)2014-201699151144 (3ct 1st)1.666
L Ronchi (NZ)2014-20169912753 (3ct 0st)1.333
NJ O’Brien (IRE)2009-201611911744 (3ct 1st)1.222
AB de Villiers (SA)2007-20163059724 (4ct 0st)1.800
AC Gilchrist (AUS)2007-2007669904 (4ct 0st)1.500
Mohammad Shahzad (AFG)2010-201614149452 (1ct 1st)0.642
W Barresi (NL)2014-20161098803 (3ct 0st)0.888
C Kieswetter (ENG)2010-201211118622 (2ct 0st)0.727
BJ Haddin (AUS)2007-201415138622 (2ct 0st)0.615
BB McCullum (NZ)2007-201425117613 (3ct 0st)0.636
JS Foster (ENG)2009-2009556332 (1ct 1st)1.200
MS Wade (AUS)2012-2012665413 (2ct 1st)0.833
BRM Taylor (ZIM)2007-2014875412 (1ct 1st)0.714
R Mutumbami (ZIM)2016-2016334134 (1ct 3st)1.333

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