Most Sixes in International Cricket 2023

Hitting towering sixes out of the stadium is one of the most thrilling sights in cricket. Over the years, some batsmen have mastered the art of big-hitting and muscled countless sixes in international cricket. As we move into 2023, let’s look at the players who has the record of Most Sixes in International Cricket.

1. Rohit Sharma – The Undisputed Six-Hitting King 

When it comes to hitting sixes, no one comes close to the dominance of Rohit Sharma. The Indian opener has smashed a mind-boggling 564 sixes in 475 innings so far across formats. Rohit surpassed the legendary Chris Gayle in 2023 to hold the record for most sixes in international cricket. 

Rohit Sharma most sixes in cricket
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With his natural ball-striking ability, Rohit makes six-hitting look effortless. His iconic pull shot has deposited countless balls into the stands. Rohit has the power and timing to clear any boundary with ease. At his current strike rate of 86.77, Rohit is sure to extend his six-hitting record substantially.

How many sixes has Rohit hit in ODI World Cup matches?

Rohit Sharma has smashed 38 sixes in ODI World Cup matches so far. He hit 5 sixes in his 159 against South Africa in 2023 World Cup.

What is Rohit Sharma’s strike rate in T20Is?

Rohit has a strike rate of 141.35 in T20Is, having smashed 176 sixes in 131 innings. This highlights his explosive six-hitting ability.

2. Chris Gayle – The Universe Boss

West Indian great Chris Gayle comfortably occupies second spot with 553 international sixes. No batsman has utilized his crease as effectively as Gayle to deposit balls into stands. His bat swing generates immense power to clear any boundary. 

Chris Gayle most sixes
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Gayle has broken numerous six-hitting records, especially in T20 cricket. He has unleashed his hard-hitting abilities most prominently for franchise cricket globally. However, Gayle’s six-hitting prowess is equally evident from his 553 sixes in international cricket.

How many sixes did Chris Gayle hit in World Cups?

Chris Gayle has smashed a total of 63 sixes in Cricket World Cup matches. His tally includes 27 sixes in 2015 and 17 sixes in 2019.

What is Chris Gayle’s strike rate in ODIs?

Chris Gayle has a strike rate of 87.20 in 301 ODIs, having smashed 331 sixes. This highlights his phenomenal hitting power.

3. Shahid Afridi – Pakistan’s Sixer King

When it comes to Pakistan cricket, Shahid Afridi’s big-hitting abilities are unparalleled. He holds the record for most sixes for Pakistan despite playing fewer international matches than his contemporaries. 

shahid afridi sixer king of pakistan
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Afridi has blasted 351 sixes in 524 internationals at a superb strike rate of 117.00. His aggressive batting tore apart many bowling attacks, with sixes raining all over the park. Afridi’s six-hitting abilities gave Pakistan many memorable wins.

How many sixes did Afridi hit in T20 World Cups? 

Shahid Afridi smashed 28 sixes across 5 T20 World Cups held between 2007 and 2016. His six-hitting provided crucial momentum to Pakistan.

What is Afridi’s strike rate in T20Is?

Afridi has the highest strike rate in T20Is (minimum 1000 runs), scoring 54 sixes in 99 matches at a rate of 150.75. This highlights his big-hitting credentials.

Other Prolific – Batters with most sixes in international cricket

Many other contemporary batsmen like Martin Guptill, AB de Villiers, Brendon McCullum, and Jos Buttler have also dazzled fans with their big sixes. Guptill holds the record for most sixes in T20Is with 172 sixes. Meanwhile, de Villiers (235), McCullum (203) and Buttler (194) also have 200+ sixes each to their names in international cricket.

With T20 cricket and franchise leagues gaining popularity, we are witnessing bigger bats, smaller boundaries and faster scoring rates. This has caused an inflation in sixes struck by modern-day batsmen. Fans can expect many current cricketers to feature among the highest six-hitters by the time they retire.

Most International Sixes
RankPlayerSixesInningStrike RateSpan
1Rohit Sharma (India)56447586.442007-2023
2Chris Gayle (West Indies)55355177.221999-2021
3Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)476508114.141996-2018
4Brendon McCullum (New Zealand)39847482.112002-2016
5Martin Guptill (New Zealand)38340281.272009-2022
6MS Dhoni (India)35952679.072004-2019
7Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka)35265181.171989-2011
8Eoin Morgan (England)34636194.182006-2022
9AB de Villiers (South Africa)32848474.712004-2018
10Jos Buttler (England)31534492.492011-2023
11Virat Kohli (India)28356579.142008-2023
12David Warner (Australia)27644785.72009-2023
13Ross Taylor (New Zealand)27351073.242006-2022
14Sachin Tendulkar (India)26478267.58*1989-2013
15Paul Stirling (Ireland)26329099.252008-2023
16Adam Gilchrist (Australia)26242991.431996-2008
17Aaron Finch (Australia)25525598.162011-2022
18Jacques Kallis (South Africa)25461756.31995-2014
19Yuvraj Singh (India)25139183.742000-2017
20Sourav Ganguly (India)24748862.991992-2008
21Ricky Ponting (Australia)24666868.481995-2012
22Shane Watson (Australia)24533475.692002-2016
23Ben Stokes (England)24430470.082011-2023
24Virender Sehwag (India)24344392.551999-2013
25Glenn Maxwell (Australia)241223124.442012-2023
26Chris Cairns (New Zealand)24029970.691989-2006
27Keiron Pollard (West Indies)234196106.152007-2022
28David Miller (South Africa)226237115.132010-2023
29Brian Lara (West Indies)22152168.081990-2007
30Quinton de Kock (South Africa)21931692.282012-2023
31Marlon Samuels (West Indies)21938865.232000-2018
32Mohammad Hafeez (Pakistan)21442974.242003-2021
33Viv Richards (West Indies)210+34978.69*1974-1991
34Angelow Mathews (Sri Lanka)20944261.862008-2023
35Jonny Bairstow (England)20732375.472011-2023
36Shoaib Malik (Pakistan)19942977.61999-2021
37Inzamam-ul-Haq (Pakistan)19355163.961991-2007
38Mohammad Nabi (AFG)19224098.952009-2023
39Misbah-ul-Haq (Pakistan)19031557.422001-2017
40Kevin Pietersen (England)19034271.82004-2014
41Tamim Iqbal (Bangladesh)18945272.622007-2023
42Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa)18741765.711996-2010
43Suresh Raina (India)18229192.452005-2018
44Matthew Hayden (Australia)18234867.461993-2009
45Nicholas Pooran (West Indies)178130111.842016-2023
46Wasim Akram (Pakistan)178+42768.39*1984-2003
47Andrew Flintoff (England)17725972.581998-2009
48Hamilton Masakadza (Zimbabwe)17435067.412001-2019
49KL Rahul (India)171208772014-2023
50Moeen Ali (England)17129271.672014-2023

## Key Takeaways

– Rohit Sharma tops the list with 564 international sixes followed by Chris Gayle (553) and Shahid Afridi (351).

– Many contemporary batsmen like MS Dhoni, de Villiers, Guptill, and Buttler have also hit 200+ international sixes.

– Development of T20 cricket has catalyzed six-hitting with small boundaries and big bats.

– Gayle, Afridi, and Dhoni are known for their trademark six-hitting shots.

– Most prolific six hitters have a strike rate exceeding 100, reflecting their attacking approach.

## Frequently Asked Questions

Who has hit the most sixes in cricket history?

Rohit Sharma holds the record for most sixes in international cricket, having hit 564 sixes so far in his career.

Who hit the biggest six in cricket? 

South African David Miller is said to have hit the biggest six in cricket when he struck one that travelled around 120 meters against the West Indies in 2022.

Who has the best strike rate in ODI cricket?

AB de Villiers has the best ODI strike rate (minimum 5000 runs). He has scored 9577 runs in 228 ODIs at a strike rate of 101.09

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