Most Wickets in Powerplay Overs in IPL

The powerplay overs, defined as the first 6 overs of an innings in T20 cricket, are considered the most crucial phase in an IPL match. Taking early wickets creates pressure and stems the flow of runs, often putting teams in winning positions. Let’s explore the bowlers with the most powerplay wickets in IPL history.

Bowlers with Most Power play Wickets in IPL

Most Wickets in Powerplay Overs in IPL

The tone for the rest of the innings is often set during the first six overs. Sides with batting firepower can post big totals by making optimal use of the powerplay. At the same time, losing early wickets unravels the momentum and puts teams on the backfoot.

Over the years, IPL franchises have focused on roping in bowlers with the ability to take wickets in the high-scoring powerplays. Let’s look at the bowlers with the most powerplay swickets in the IPL history.

 Bowlers with Most Powerplay Wickets in IPL

Bhuvneshwar Kumar6115796.206.08
Sandeep Sharma55114112.326.94
Deepak Chahar5373126.497.84
Umesh Yadav53124121.487.61
Zaheer Khan5299107.436.74
Trent Boult5088113.577.05
Ishant Sharma5099113.187.14
Ravichandran Ashwin47125107.986.70
Mohammed Shami46103118.737.50
Dhawal Kulkarni4486121.417.49

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#1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

With 61 powerplay wickets, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who holds the record for most power play wickets in IPL history, tops the list of bowlers. His remarkable power play strike rate of 96.2 is even more impressive considering the field restrictions favouring batsmen.

Furthermore, his phenomenal powerplay strike rate of 96.2 speaks volumes about his effectiveness during this crucial phase, despite the advantageous conditions for batsmen.

#2. Sandeep Sharma

On the back of his prowess as one of the best swing bowlers, Sandeep Sharma  has 55 wickets in the first six overs. His methodical approach in T20 cricket has brought success over a prolonged period, showcasing his exceptional skills as a swing bowler.

#3. Deepak Chahar

In the rich history of the Indian Premier League, Deepak Chahar has swiftly emerged as Chennai Super Kings’ powerplay specialist. Though he has only played 73 innings so far, Chahar’s 53 wickets have come at an excellent strike rate of 126.5, making him a notable contributor during the powerplay overs in the history of the tournament.

#4. Umesh Yadav

Delhi Capitals pacer Umesh Yadav is another regular name on the list of top powerplay wicket-takers. His 53 scalps have come at a strike rate of 121 balls per wicket.

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 #5. Zaheer Khan

Bringing all his experience into play, Zaheer Khan accounted for 52 opposition batsmen in the first six overs. His masterful use of swing bowling bamboozled batsmen even during high-scoring powerplays.   

 Key Stats and Analysis 

A closer analysis of the powerplay bowling stats reveals some interesting insights about the top performers:

–  Strike Rates:  Deepak Chahar has been the most impactful bowler in the powerplay overs when you look at bowling strike rates. He gets a wicket every 126 balls even when rules favor batting.

–  Economy Rates:  Bhuvneshwar Kumar stands out with his economy rate of 6.08, which is excellent given the field restrictions. He concedes barely over a run a ball despite bowling predominantly with the new ball.

–  Sixes Conceded: Zaheer Khan has been one of the most difficult bowlers to hit for sixes in the first six overs. Even with only four fielders allowed outside the circle initially, he has conceded only 23 sixes.

 Notable Mentions

Some noteworthy names missed out on the top 5 but boasted impressive powerplay numbers:

Ravichandran Ashwin: He is the only spinner on this elite list with 47 wickets. Ashwin has often bowled with the new ball and delivered crucial strikes early.  

Mohammed Shami: Another skilled exponent of swing bowling, Shami has 46 wickets while maintaining a decent economy rate of 7.5.

Trent Boult : Bringing his international expertise, Trent Boult adapted nicely to take 50 wickets in the IPL powerplay overs.  


The powerplay overs set the tone for T20 games, and taking early wickets is crucial. The best IPL bowlers have showcased their skills, be it swing bowling or spin, to dominate in the high-scoring first six overs.

Bowlers like Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Deepak Chahar have mastered the art of scalping powerplay wickets. Their exceptional strike rates and economy rates tell the story. 

On the other hand, seasoned campaigners like Zaheer Khan have relied on their experience to outthink batsmen. Ultimately in a format like T20 cricket, small margins can alter games rapidly.

Who has the most powerplay wickets in IPL history?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar tops the list with 61 powerplay wickets so far.

Which bowler has the best powerplay strike rate in IPL?

**Ans.** Deepak Chahar has an excellent strike rate of 126.49, picking a wicket every 126 balls despite field restrictions.

Who has the best economy rate in powerplays among the leading wicket-takers?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar concedes just 6.08 runs per over in the high-scoring powerplay phase, which is exceptional. 


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