Batsmen Who Have Faced the Most Balls in Test Cricket

List of Batsmen Who Have Faced Most Balls In Test Cricket :Test cricket is the most difficult format of cricket. It requires batsmen to focus and concentrate for many days. To score big runs in Test cricket, batsmen often have to face hundreds of balls and spend hours at the crease. Some batsmen in the history of test cricket have faced a lot of balls and spent a lot of time batting in Test matches.

This article will look at the best batsmen who have faced the most balls and spent the most time batting in Test cricket.

Most Balls Faced by a Player in Test Matches

Most Balls Faced by a Player in Test Matches

Rahul Dravid1996-201216431258
Sachin Tendulkar1989-201320029437
Jacques Kallis1995-201316628903
Shivnarine Chanderpaul1994-201516427395
Allan Border1978-199415627002
Alastair Cook2006-201816126562
Mahela Jayawardene1997-201414922959
Kumar Sangakkara2000-201513422882
Ricky Ponting1995-201216822782
Steve Waugh1985-200416822461

1. Rahul Dravid – (31,258 Balls faced)

Rahul Dravid is the Indian legend who has faced the most balls in Test cricket matches. He played 164 Test matches from 1996 to 2012 and faced most balls in test 31,258 . He scored 13,288 runs at an average of 52.31, including 36 centuries and 63 half-centuries.

Facing over 31,000 balls shows how Dravid was a disciplined and tireless batsman who could bat for long periods of time and tire out the bowlers. He batted at number 3 in the order and had great concentration skills, which allowed him to bat for days and defend India’s innings.

In one marathon Test innings against Australia in 2001, he batted for over 750 minutes. Even though he was a team-oriented and defensive batsman, he still scored over 13,000 runs because of his great technique and concentration.

2. Sachin Tendulkar (29,437 Balls faced)

Sachin Tendulkar is the second batter on the list of batsmen who faced the most balls in Test cricket. He faced 29,437 balls in 200 Test matches for India. This shows how he was able to stay at the crease for a long time and face a lot of balls.

Tendulkar also holds the record for the most Test runs ever, with 15,921 runs. This shows how he was able to score a lot of runs by facing a lot of balls and batting for a long time.

3. Jacques Kallis (28,903 Balls faced)

Jacques Kallis is the third batter on the list of batsmen who faced the most balls in Test cricket. He faced 28,903 balls in 166 matches for South Africa.

This shows how he was a great all-rounder, as he was able to both bat for a long time and take important wickets for his team.

4. Shivnarine Chanderpaul (27,395 Balls faced)

The fourth batter on the list of batsmen who faced the most balls in Test cricket is Shivnarine Chanderpaul. He is a true legend of the game and one of the best left-handed batters of all time. He used to play long innings while being in the middle for long periods, and he has over 10,000 Test runs to his name, which is very impressive.

5. Allan Border (27,002 Balls faced)

Border faced 27,002 balls across 156 matches for Australia, demonstrating his grit and determination as Australia’s captain for a significant portion of his illustrious Test career.

6. Alastair Cook (26,562 Balls faced)

Cook faced 26,562 balls for England in 161 Test matches, serving as England’s reliable opener for over a decade, earning a reputation as the rock at the top of the order.

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Most Balls Faced in a Single Test Innings

While facing over 20,000 balls in a whole career is amazing, some batsmen have even managed to set records for the number of balls they faced in a single Test  match innings so most balls faced by a player in a single Test innings belongs to Sir Leonard Hutton of England.

Leonard Hutton (ENG)847364797AUSTRALIA
Glenn Turner (NZ)759259704WEST INDIES
Bob Simpson (AUS)743311762ENGLAND
Sid Barnes (AUS)667234649ENGLAND
Gary Kirsten (SA)642275878ENGLAND
Andy Sandham (ENG)640325600WEST INDIES
Ken Barrington (ENG)624256683AUSTRALIA
Wally Hammond (ENG)605251461AUSTRALIA
Wally Hammond (ENG)603177440AUSTRALIA
Bob Cowper (AUS)589307727ENGLAND

Who Faces the Most Balls in Test Cricket Today?

While it is less common for batsmen to bat for long periods of time today, some active players are still known for their ability to face a lot of balls and bat for a long time. These include:

  • Joe Root – The England captain has already faced over 15,000 balls in just 121 matches and is known for scoring big hundreds.
  • Cheteshwar Pujara – India’s new “wall” has faced over 13,000 balls in just 96 matches, including huge innings against Australia.
  • Kane Williamson – New Zealand’s captain is also their rock at number 3, having already faced almost 12,000 balls in just 91 matches.
  • Azhar Ali – The Pakistan senior batsman has faced over 10,000 deliveries in his 94 Test matches.


Facing thousands of balls in a international cricket Test career requires great mental strength and concentration. Players like Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, Jacques Kallis are among the best Test batsmen because they can bat for many days and face the most balls.

In both their careers and individual innings, these batsmen have produced amazing marathon efforts that have become famous in cricket history.

Key Takeaways

– Rahul Dravid faced over 31,000 balls across 164 Test matches – more than anyone in cricket history.

– Sachin Tendulkar, Kallis, Chanderpaul and Border all faced over 27,000 balls in their Test careers.

– Today, Root, Pujara, Williamson and Azhar Ali are among the leading ball-facing batsmen.

– Facing such high numbers of balls requires immense concentration and patience.

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