Batsmen with Most Runs in Death Overs in IPL 

Batsmen with Most Runs in Death Overs in IPL: The death overs, spanning overs 16-20 in T20 cricket, are often the most thrilling phase of an innings. With only a few overs left, batsmen have to score quick runs, even at the risk of losing wickets. This requires immense skill under pressure. Below look at Batsmen with Most Runs in Death Overs in IPL .

Batsmen with Most Runs in Death Overs in IPL 

5 Players with Most Runs scored in Death Overs in IPL

MS Dhoni2632161187.33162
Kieron Pollard1708117181.50127
AB de Villiers142175232.56112
Dinesh Karthik1364105182.8473
Ravindra Jadeja1307122158.0463
Rohit Sharma114974196.0778
Hardik Pandya108673185.9579
Virat Kohli104566202.5168
Andre Russell96957203.1487
David Miller90670175.9255

#1. MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni, a former Indian captain, holds the record for scoring the most runs during the death overs in IPL matches. He has amassed an impressive total of 2,632 runs in this crucial phase of the game, maintaining a remarkable strike rate of 187.

Additionally, Dhoni has hit 162 sixes during the death overs, showcasing his ability to unleash powerful shots. It is his combination of powerful hitting and composure under pressure that firmly establishes him as the greatest finisher in the history of the IPL.

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#2. Kieron Pollard  

When it comes to batting in the death overs, Kieron Pollard, a West Indian all-rounder, follows closely behind MS Dhoni. He has accumulated an impressive total of 1,708 runs in the closing stages of IPL games.

Notably, Pollard has smashed an incredible 127 sixes and maintains a fantastic strike rate of 181. His remarkable ability to effortlessly hit boundaries during the final overs makes him an extremely valuable player in this aspect of the game.

#3. AB de Villiers

Batting in the top order for Royal Challengers Bangalore, AB de Villiers has been a standout performer in the final overs of IPL matches. He has amassed an incredible total of 1,421 runs during these crucial moments. What truly distinguishes him is his extraordinary strike rate of 232, the highest among batsmen with a minimum of 500 runs in the death overs.

de Villiers’ exceptional ability to skillfully navigate the field and hit the ball in all directions makes him a dominant force against both fast and spin bowlers in the closing stages of the game.

#4. Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik, an experienced wicketkeeper, has accumulated a total of 1,364 runs in the final overs of IPL matches. With a strike rate of 182, his ability to cleanly strike the ball makes him a valuable player for any team during the closing stages of the game.

Karthik has frequently played exceptional innings towards the end of the innings, showcasing his skill and contribution to the team.

#5. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja, a versatile player, often bats in the lower middle order and has scored more than 1,300 runs in IPL matches.

He maintains an impressive strike rate of 158 when coming in to bat late in the game. Playing for CSK, Jadeja has played numerous crucial innings in the death overs, utilizing his powerful style of play.

Difficulties in Death Overs

Batting in the final overs of a cricket match presents significant challenges. Bowlers employ various tactics, such as changing their pace and length, and set up fielders strategically to make scoring difficult.

Batsmen must possess a diverse repertoire of shots to maneuver fielders and also need excellent hand-eye coordination to adapt to the changing deliveries. Moreover, staying composed and calm under the pressure of the scoreboard is crucial for success in such situations.

Current Top Finishers

Current players such as Andre Russell, David Miller, and Liam Livingstone have displayed exceptional finishing skills in IPL cricket. These overseas stars have consistently delivered clinical performances in the closing stages of matches.

Among Indian players, Hardik Pandya and Dinesh Karthik have established themselves as specialists in batting during the death overs. Additionally, the young talent Rahul Tewatia has shown promising glimpses of his ability to perform in these crucial moments.


In conclusion, MS Dhoni stands out as the unrivaled best finisher of the death overs in IPL history, showcasing both immense power and unshakeable nerves. Players like Pollard, ABD, and Jadeja have also accumulated significant runs during the late overs, proving their prowess in this crucial phase of the game.

Who has the highest strike rate in IPL death overs?

AB de Villiers has the highest strike rate of 232 among batsmen with over 500 runs in death overs.

How many runs does Rohit Sharma have in death overs?

Rohit Sharma has scored 1,149 runs in death overs of IPL games at a 196 strike rate.

Who hit the most sixes in IPL death overs?  

MS Dhoni has smashed the most sixes in death overs – 162 maximums.

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