Top 10 Death Overs Specialists Bowlers in IPL History

Death Overs Specialists Bowlers in IPL History:  Indian Premier League (IPL) is home to some of the most thrilling cricket matches. With star-studded lineups and high stakes, the competition is intense. But there is one phase of the game that is considered the most exciting and pressure filled the death overs. Defined as the last four overs of an innings, this is when batsmen look to score quick runs while bowlers aim to restrict them.

These are the Death Overs, where the game can swing in an instant, where nerves turn to steel, and where only the toughest bowlers can thrive.

Today, we celebrate the Death Overs Specialists in IPL History, the bowlers who step up when the heat is on and make batters tremble. These are the guys who can york you into oblivion, send your lofted drives into the stands, and leave you staring at your bat in disbelief.

Death Overs Specialists Bowlers in IPL History

 The Top 10 Death Overs Specialists in IPL History

In this post, we will look at 10 death over specialists who have mastered the art of taking wickets in the most crucial phase of the game. Using data on performance in the 17-20 overs phase, we have compiled a list of bowlers with the most wickets, showcasing their prowess as wicket-takers in the history of the IPL.

 1. Lasith Malinga  

Imagine the final overs of a cricket match. The crowd roars, players sweat, and the score is tied. Suddenly, out walks Lasith Malinga, the king of crunch time! This bowling superstar isn’t just good at the last few overs – he’s like a supervillain who makes them his own personal playground.

Malinga’s secret weapon? Lightning-fast yorkers that zoom into the ground like angry rockets and sneaky curveballs that leave batters totally confused. It’s like he’s got a magic spell on the ball, making it dance and swerve just when the batsman thinks they’ve got it figured out.

No wonder he’s taken a whopping 170 wickets in the IPL, the most anyone has ever snagged in that super-tough tournament!

But the real show starts in those heart-stopping final overs. Malinga turns into a superhero, giving only 7 runs on average for every over he bowls! That’s like barely letting the batters even touch the ball! His bowling action is like a magic trick, his arm whipping around so fast it makes the batsmen dizzy.

They just stand there, watching in awe as the ball rockets towards the stumps, leaving them with nothing to do but stare at their pads in disbelief. Lasith Malinga isn’t just a bowler – he’s the ultimate cricket closer, the master of making batters cry in the last few overs!

 2. Dwayne Bravo

The West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo, a key player for the Chennai Super Kings, is another T20 specialist who relished bowling during the high-pressure death overs. With a deadly slower ball and pinpoint yorker accuracy, “DJ Bravo” has snapped up 170 wickets in the IPL – the joint highest along with Malinga.

Bravo’s art of death bowling is evident in his staggering death overs stats – 92 wickets at an economy rate of 9.75. He holds the purple cap twice (2013 and 2015) and delivered numerous match-winning performances in crunch situations for the Chennai Super Kings.

 3. Jasprit Bumrah  

Jasprit Bumrah’s unorthodox action and searing yorkers have dazzled IPL fans since 2013. He holds the record for most wickets in a single IPL season (2013) and has been instrumental to MI’s trophy wins.

He is in the top list of bowlers who bowled most dot balls in death overs in an IPL innings. In the crucial death overs, Bumrah has taken 63 wickets while going at 8.74 runs per over. His accuracy, combined with clever changes of pace, makes him a nightmare for batsmen even during high-scoring phases.

 4. Chris Morris

The recently-retired South African all-rounder Chris Morris was another death overs genius in the IPL. His deceptive slower balls and pinpoint yorkers brought him great success. 

Bowling during high-scoring periods, Morris claimed 55 wickets at an economy rate of 8.56 – very impressive numbers for that stage of an innings. His consistent ability to outsmart batsmen earns him the #4 spot on this list.  

 5. Bhuvneshwar Kumar  

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a swing bowler, and while he may not be as fast as Bumrah or Malinga, he’s really smart. He uses different tricks like cutters, knuckleballs, and accurate yorkers that make him tough for any batsman, especially during the last few overs of a match.

Bhuvneshwar has claimed 69 wickets while giving away only 9.3 runs per over in the 17-20 over phase. This is a great achievement, especially in terms of taking wickets in the death overs, for a medium-paced bowler playing in times when lots of runs are usually scored.

 6. Sunil Narine

West Indies mystery spinner Sunil Narine has bamboozled the best IPL batsmen with his turn, drift and subtle variations. This has allowed him to achieve wicket-taking success even during the death overs when batsmen are teeing off. 

Narine has claimed 54 wickets at an economy rate of 7.93 during the later overs phase – better numbers than some fast bowlers! His ability to stifle runs along with taking wickets puts him among the deadliest death bowlers.

 7. Dale Steyn  

South Africa pace legend Dale Steyn earned his reputation for being one of the most feared bowlers in world cricket with his sheer pace and accuracy. These qualities allowed him success in T20 leagues like the IPL even during high-scoring phases.

Steyn claimed 43 wickets at 8.8 runs per over bowling between overs 17-20. Very few bowlers in world cricket can maintain such economic rates while bowling during a period when batsmen are attacking. This makes Steyn’s numbers even more impressive.  

 8. Ashish Nehra  

India left-arm quick Ashish Nehra troubled the best IPL batsmen with his clever changes of pace and ability to nail the yorker. This brought him significant success in the league, especially during tense finishes. 

During the death over phase, Nehra claimed 46 wickets while conceding just 8.8 runs per over. For a left-arm seamer bowling during such high-scoring periods, these are excellent returns. Nehra delivered numerous impactful performances during his IPL career thanks to this skill.

 9. RP Singh  

Pacer Rudra Pratap Singh first displayed his mastery of bowling during the death overs en route to the purple cap in IPL 2008. He gained a reputation for nailing yorkers and deceiving batsmen with cutters during this high-pressure phase.  

In total, RP Singh claimed 43 wickets at an economy rate of 9.25 between overs 17-20 – very respectable numbers. His ability to produce economical and wicket-taking spells during this period played a key role in several Deccan Chargers and later RCB victories.  

  10. Zaheer Khan

India left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan is one of the craftiest operators with the ball, able to deceive batsmen with subtle variations even in pressure situations. He channels this skill effectively bowling during the closing stages too.  

During his decorated IPL career, Zaheer claimed 35 wickets at an economy rate of 8.8 between overs 17-20. Thanks to his mastery of bowling crafty slower balls and accurate yorkers, he maintained impressive economy even when batsmen attacked the most.


The above 10 bowlers have shown immense skill and mental strength to excel during the high-pressure death overs phase of IPL matches. Their ability to out-think batsmen and force false shots even when the hitting is at its peak makes them truly special.

Factors like clever variations, pinpoint accuracy and sheer pace have allowed these masters to thrive at the death. As a result, they have delivered numerous match-turning performances for their franchises over the years during IPL run chases. 

Their stupendous returns bowling overs 17-20 – both in terms of wicket-taking and economic rates – earn them a place among the very best death bowlers in IPL history.

Who has the best economy rate bowling in the death overs of IPL matches?

Sri Lankan pace legend Lasith Malinga, with his toe-crushing yorkers and clever variations, has the best economy rate – conceding just 7.82 runs per over bowling between overs 17-20.

Which bowler has taken the most wickets bowling during the death in IPL history?

West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo and Sri Lankan quick Lasith Malinga are tied at the top with 92 and 90 death overs wickets respectively. 

Does Jasprit Bumrah have the best bowling average in overs 17-20 of IPL games?

No, Sunil Narine actually holds the record for the best bowling average bowling in the death over phase, claiming his 54 wickets at an average of 20.68.

Who gave away the least runs per over while bowling during crunch finishes in the IPL?

**A:** The legendary Sri Lankan seamer Lasith Malinga leads this record, conceding just 7.82 runs per over bowling between overs 17-20 during his illustrious IPL career.

Which Indian fast bowler has the most wickets bowling in overs 17-20 of IPL matches?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar leads Indian fast bowlers with 69 wickets bowling during the death overs phase. His clever variations and accurate yorkers brought him success even during high-scoring periods.


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