15 Best Apps for Live Cricket Streaming in UAE for Free

Cricket is more than a game in the United Arab Emirates; it’s a lifestyle. If you’re looking to get in on the action with the Best Apps for Live Cricket Streaming in UAE for Free, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll guide you through various platforms, both local and international, so you can catch every match seamlessly.

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Top 15 Apps for Live Cricket Streaming

Why Live Streaming is Popular in UAE

UAE has been a hotspot for cricket events, thanks to its state-of-the-art stadiums and enthusiastic crowds. Live streaming platforms have made it incredibly easy for fans to catch every moment from anywhere.

Local vs International Platforms

Whether it’s local UAE Sports Channel live Streaming or international platforms like ESPN+, each has its unique benefits and features. While local platforms offer a regional touch, international platforms provide a wider coverage.

Top 15 Apps for Live Cricket Streaming

beIN Sports

A giant in UAE Sports Channel live Streaming, beIN Sports offers high-quality, uninterrupted live cricket action. Download the beIN Sports Connect app to subscribe and enjoy the matches.

eLife Tv

Among the reliable tv channels in UAE, eLife TV specializes in delivering exceptional quality live cricket streaming. If you’re a PSL fan, this is your go-to app.


Now rebranded as BT Sports, this app is the Youtube channel to watch live cricket streaming in the UAE. Its fast speed and error-free service make it a top choice for IPL, PSL, and BBL fans alike.


Known for its all-around content, Tapmad is especially recognized for being the official broadcaster of PSL.

Willow Tv

An American-based channel, Willow TV is accessible in UAE via a VPN. With a few clicks, you can dive into endless cricket action.


Previously known as Show Sports, OSN+ is a significant player in the MENA region, offering an array of sports channels to catch live cricket streaming on Cricwick.


Offering a range of cricket leagues on its application, Crickwick is your place to catch live cricket streaming on Cricwick.

Live Cricket Tv

A top-ranked UAE-based sports application, Live Cricket TV offers live scores, highlights, and matches.


Known for its fast and high-quality streaming, Cricbuzz Plus brings the cricket stadium to your palm.


A key player in the UAE market, Etisalat provides broadband services to enjoy cricket anytime, anywhere.

AD Sports

With the fastest servers, AD Sports ensures smooth live streaming for cricket enthusiasts in the UAE.

A Sports

Launched by the ARY network, A Sports offers free live cricket coverage on its ARY Zap app.

Super Sport

Based in Africa, Super Sport provides comprehensive live streaming services via its DStv app.


For Indian league fans, Disney+Hotstar is the hub for IPL matches.


ESPN+ brings major cricket leagues like IPL, PSL, and BPL right to your screen.

Alternative Options and FAQs

For those looking for more, Crictime, Cricvid, and Skysports are excellent alternatives.


Living in the UAE offers a plethora of options for live cricket streaming. Whether you’re into IPL or PSL, you’ll find the Best Apps for Live Cricket Streaming in UAE for Free. But remember, some might require subscriptions and VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions.


  1. How Can I Access These Platforms?
    • Most platforms are accessible via mobile apps or websites.
  2. Do I Need a VPN for International Platforms?
    • Yes, for platforms like Willow TV, a VPN is necessary.
  3. Are These Platforms Free?
    • While some are free, others require a subscription.
  4. What is the Best App for IPL?
    • Disney+Hotstar is recommended for IPL.
  5. How Reliable Are These Platforms?
    • All listed platforms are reputable and offer high-quality streaming.

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