Bowler Dismissed Batsman Most Times in IPL

Bowlers with the Most Dismissals Against Batsmen: The Indian Premier League (IPL) has showcased intense cricketing battles between the best bowlers and batsmen in the sport over its 15-year history. With advanced analytics and extensive video footage available nowadays, teams can uncover weaknesses in a player’s technique to exploit. Consequently, certain bowlers have dominated specific batsmen over the years when they have come face to face on the pitch.

This article will highlight five compelling bowler-batsman matchups where one has dismissed the other at least 6 times in IPL matches.

Bowler Dismissing Batsman Most Times in IPL

Zaheer KhanMS Dhoni77411
Sandeep SharmaVirat Kohli77814
Amit MishraRohit Sharma78717
Ravichandran AshwinRobin Uthappa712315
Sunil NarineRohit Sharma713718
Yuzvendra ChahalQuinton de Kock6448
Jasprit BumrahRishabh Pant64712
Ravindra JadejaGlenn Maxwell64910
Mohit SharmaAmbati Rayudu65212
Ashish NehraVirat Kohli66010
Bhuvneshwar KumarParthiv Patel66514
Yuzvendra ChahalMayank Agarwal6729
Piyush ChawlaAmbati Rayudu67512
Bhuvneshwar KumarAjinkya Rahane69016
Pragyan OjhaMS Dhoni69812
Zaheer KhanGautam Gambhir610912

1. Zaheer Khan’s Dominance Over MS Dhoni (7 Times)

One of the more alarming stats is former Indian left-arm pacer Zaheer Khan dismissing legendary Indian captain MS Dhoni on seven occasions in the Indian Premier League (IPL). This occurred despite Dhoni’s all-time great ODI and T20 batting pedigree.

Zaheer has troubled Dhoni, getting the better of him in over 50% of the 13 IPL innings he has bowled to the right-handed batsman. He had Dhoni‘s number whether MSD played for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) or Rising Pune Supergiants. Dhoni’s known weakness against left-arm seamers explains Zaheer’s success here to some extent.

But it is still an impressive record and a proud achievement for one of India’s greatest fast bowlers Zaheer to have done this against arguably India’s best-ever white-ball captain and finisher.

2. Sandeep Sharma to Virat Kohli (7 Times)

Another surprising entry on this list features Sandeep Sharma, a talented but understated IPL swing bowler, who has dismissed modern-day batting genius Virat Kohli seven times in the IPL. This is a shocking record against arguably the premier willow-wielder of the last decade and speaks volumes of Sandeep’s prowess.

Sandeep has got Kohli out bowled or caught behind the wickets by seaming the ball away from the right-handed batsman on multiple occasions over the years. To have dismissed King Kohli in nearly 50% of the 15 IPL innings he has bowled to him is an outstanding achievement for the unheralded SRH bowler, marking a notable change in the history of the IPL.

3. R Ashwin’s Edge Over Robin Uthappa (7 Times)

Ravichandran Ashwin is widely regarded as one of the top modern-day Indian cricketers who have evolved, especially as the most successful spin bowler in Tests over the last decade. But intriguingly, his most regular IPL victim is not a left-hander but dexterous right-hander Robin Uthappa.

Ashwin has troubled Uthappa, seeing him walk back to the dugout 7 times out of the 19 innings he has faced the off-spinner. This includes getting him out stumped, bowled, and caught multiple times. For such an excellent player of spin bowling, it is surprising Uthappa has fallen prey to Ashwin so often in IPL matches.

4. Sunil Narine’s Stranglehold Against Rohit Sharma (7 Times)

West Indian mystery spinner Sunil Narine has bamboozled the best batsmen in the IPL with his variations and acute angle of spin. His most prized wicket has been that of prolific Indian opener Rohit Sharma. Narine has sent Rohit packing 7 times in their 18 IPL encounters.

With his sharp turn and unpredictable deliveries, Narine has got Rohit out caught behind the wicket or knocked him over frequently in MI versus KKR contests. Rohit has struggled to pick Narine’s length early and read his fingerspin, often paying the price with his wicket.

5. Amit Mishra’s Supremacy Over Rohit Sharma (7 Times)

To feature twice on this list is certainly unwanted for a batsman of Rohit Sharma’s pedigree and class. Along with Narine, the troubled hitman, veteran leg-spinner Amit Mishra has also dismissed Rohit, the Mumbai Indians skipper, 7 times in IPL matches. 

With his gigantic leg break and skillful googly, Mishra has frequently breached Rohit’s defense or enticed him into miscuing skiers. To have rattled such an accomplished Indian batsman so often highlights why Mishra is the only triple hattrick achiever in IPL history.

Other Bowler Dismissed Batsman Most Times in IPL

Some other compelling bowler-batsman face offs where one has dismissed the other at least 6 times in the IPL are:

  • Yuzvendra Chahal has dismissed explosive Quinton de Kock 6 times
  • Lethal paceman Jasprit Bumrah has snared attacking lefty Rishabh Pant on 6 occasions
  • Cagey spinner Ravindra Jadeja has claimed the crucial wicket of dangerous batsman Glenn Maxwell 6 times
  • Crafty medium-pacer Mohit Sharma has sent veteran Ambati Rayudu packing 6 times back to the dressing room

Key Statistics and Takeaways

  • Prodigious Indian batsmen Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and MS Dhoni appear more than once on the list of Bowlers who have dismissed a batsman for most times in IPL, highlighting that even the greatest are not invincible against a particular bowler.
  • Zaheer Khan, Amit Mishra, and Sunil Narine have dismissed these Indian icons 7 times each in IPL matches.
  • Sandeep Sharma’s outstanding record of getting Virat Kohli out 7 times in 15 IPL innings is noteworthy.
  • R Ashwin dismissing right-hander Robin Uthappa 7 times in IPL contests is unexpected and reveals fascinating matchups.
  • Bowlers often having an edge over specific batsmen demonstrate fine margins in cricket between bowling line, length, spin, or swing and batting technique strengths and weaknesses.

Which bowler has dismissed Rohit Sharma the most number of times in IPL history?

Sunil Narine and Amit Mishra have each dismissed Rohit Sharma 7 times in IPL matches – the most by any bowler.

Who has the best record against Virat Kohli in the IPL?

A: Medium pacer Sandeep Sharma has dismissed Virat Kohli a record 7 times in the 15 IPL innings he has bowled to him.

Q: Which bowler does MS Dhoni have the most difficulty against in IPL contests?

A: Former India left-arm seamer Zaheer Khan has been MS Dhoni’s chief nemesis, dismissing him 7 times in 13 IPL innings.

Q: Why does R Ashwin hold an edge over Robin Uthappa in their IPL encounters?

It is unclear why dexterous right-hander Uthappa has struggled against off-spinner Ashwin, falling prey 7 times in 19 innings with his excellent spin reading ability.

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