Cricket Game Rules and Betting Tips

Cricket is the second most popular team game in the world. However, it is a very popular sport in Poland. The game seems very stationary, but it can provide fans with a lot of thrill and profits for experts. Maybe it is worth finding out what impresses over a billion people about cricket. Next, we will learn the basic rule of cricket and the top cricket betting tips for those interested in enjoying this game a bit further.

Cricket Game Rules and Betting Tips

1. The rules of the game of cricket

  1. Teams consist of 11 players. Each with the possibility of 1 change in the event of a player injury.
  2. The coin toss determines who bats first (attacks) and who will be the field team (defending).
  3. The throwing (defending) team has the task of excluding both players of the other team (who are always playing in pairs).
  4. The task of the batsman is to defend the wicket-keeper with the cricket bat against the ball thrown by the bowler to the wicket-keeper (the catcher after the cones). Batsman tries to hit the ball away from the gates and run to the opposite side, trading places with the other batter.
  5. One safe trade between the batters is 1 point. A batter can score from 1 to 6 points (runs) in each round.
  6. A badly thrown ball by the bowler (wide / high / no-ball) is automatically 1 point for the batter’s team.
  7. Hitting the ball on the outer rim is 4 points.
  8. Getting the ball out of the board is 6 points.
  9. The Bowler has to throw the ball from behind his head and hit the goat in the corridor of the game. There are 11 ways to bowled out and they are covered in this video.
  10. After 2 batters are excluded, sides are switched (the attacking team swaps with the defending team).
  11. The team with the most points wins.

Additional terms to know:

  • the bowler ‘s task is to provide the batter with min. 6 correctly thrown balls (this is called “over”); after completing the over, the second bowler will try to exclude the other batter
  • after both batters of both teams have finished batting, we say the innings have ended
  • the number of overs and innings depends on the type of game (T20 = each team has 20 overs in 1 innings which usually lasts about 3 hours; One Day Cricket is 40-50 overs per innings and usually lasts 1 day; Test Cricket is an unlimited number of overs for 2 innings with the end of the game when all batters are excluded – usually lasts up to 5 days)

2. Who is cricket betting for?

Cricket comes from Great Britain (probably in the 13th century) and gained popularity in the UK and the countries of the British colonies, i.e .:

  • Asia: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan
  • Africa: Zimbabwe, South Africa
  • Europe: England, Ireland
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
  • West Indies: joint representation of the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominican Republic, Grenada).

More than 1 billion people are interested in cricket and in 2015 it is number 2 in terms of people interested in this sport. Estimates from 2015 show up to 120 million players who regularly play cricket!

If you are new to cricket, start by watching the highlights of the Indian Premier League.
Watching the entire game on TV will give you a very complete picture of the rules of the game and understand what is important.

4 Tips for cricket betting

  1. You should know that cricket events can last for many days, and no advantage appears to be “sufficient” to guarantee a win – as it might be the case in other sports. You can use this to your advantage by waiting for the right moment to set a high rate. The rate can always drop after placing. It is important to play value bets, and if you are considering countering a bet (guaranteeing yourself a profit), it is worth “selling your bet” at an unprofitable rate.
  2. Pay close attention to what type of match is being played – take into account that your money may be “frozen” for several days.
  3. Cricket is a game of “gentlemen” – the referee’s decision may be changed after consulting the captain of the scoring team! Remember that doubtful situations can be challenged and this can have a significant impact on the odds during a live match.
  4. In the case of the competition in Great Britain, the transmission delay will not be large, but in the case of Oceania or Asia, it can have a big impact on the odds. Fortunately, the game is played “in stages” and there is usually enough time between the tosses and the time for you to react properly, for example by “countering” the bet.

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