Which Bowler Has Delivered the Fastest Ball in IPL History?

Shaun Tait holds the record for the fastest ball in IPL history. He bowled a delivery at a speed of 157.71 kmph (98 mph) during the 2011 IPL season while playing for the Rajasthan Royals against the Delhi Daredevils

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 fastest balls ever bowled in the IPL.

There is no doubt that the Indian Premier League is the pinnacle of all domestic stages. It is here where we see those limits being pushed to their limits. During this stage, the best bowlers from all over the world take the field. 

Fastest Ball in IPL History

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Fastest Ball in IPL History

There are many legends in the game from Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee, Shaun Tait, to those that have only appeared recently, such as Dale Steyn, Anrich Nortje, Kagiso Rabada, Jofra Archer, Lockie Ferguson, Navdeep Saini, Pat Cummins. Umran Malik, a pacer for the Sunrisers Hyderabad team, has also made waves recently due to his speed and accuracy. Throughout the history of cricket, there have been a number of bowlers who have bowled deliveries exceeding 150 kmph. 

Here are the 5 fastest balls bowled in IPL.

#1. Shaun Tait – 157.71 kmph (2011)

Shaun Tait, a legendary Australian fast bowler, is widely regarded as one of the fastest bowlers in cricket history. During his time with the Rajasthan Royals (RR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), he became the holder of the record for the fastest ball in IPL history, clocked at a staggering 157.71 km/h (97.9 mph). Tait’s exceptional pace and swing made him a fearsome competitor in the IPL.

In the four IPL seasons he played for RR (2010-2013), Tait appeared in 21 games and took 23 wickets. He achieved the record for the fastest delivery in IPL history in 2011, when he sent a rocketing ball at 157.7 kmph to Aaron Finch, who was then playing for Delhi Daredevils (now, Delhi Capitals).

Even a decade later, Tait still holds the record for the fastest ball in IPL history, which is also the highest ball speed in IPL and the fastest delivery in IPL history. His record remains a remarkable feat and a testament to his talent as a bowler.

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#2. Gerald Coetzee  – 157.4 kmph (2024)

Gerald Coetzee recently broke Lockie Ferguson’s record for the fastest ball in IPL history. He now holds the second position for the fastest ball ever bowled in the league. Coetzee, who plays for the Mumbai Indians, is a talented fast bowler from South Africa.

#3. Lockie Ferguson – 157.3 kmph (2022)

Lockie Ferguson bowled the third-fastest ball in IPL history, clocking 157.3 kmph during the 2022 season. He achieved this feat while playing for the Gujarat Titans in the final against the Rajasthan Royals.

#4. Umran Malik –  157 kmph (2022)

Umran Malik bowled one of the fourth fastest balls in IPL history, clocking 157 kmph during a match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Capitals in 2022. This makes him the fastest Indian bowler in the league’s history.

5. Mayank Yadav – 156.7 Kmph (2024)

Mayank Yadav, playing for Lucknow Super Giants, bowled the fastest ball of IPL 2024 at 156.7 kmph. This makes him the second Indian cricketer to achieve such a feat. His ability to combine pace with swing and bounce has made him a standout performer in the league.

#5. Anrich Nortje – 156.22 kmph

Anrich Nortje, a South African fast bowler representing the Delhi Capitals in the IPL, is renowned for his exceptional pace and swing. He has bowled the fifth-fastest ball in IPL history, clocking an impressive 156.22 kmph (97.1 mph).
Nortje’s performances in the IPL have cemented his status as one of the top bowlers in the world. In his debut IPL season, he astonished everyone with his blistering speed, becoming the fastest bowler in the tournament.

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Fastest Ball in IPL History

bowlers who have bowled the fastest balls in IPL history from 2008 to 2024:

BowlerSpeed (kmph)OppositionYear
Shaun Tait157.71Delhi Capitals2011
Gerald Coetzee157.4Rajasthan Royals2024
Lockie Ferguson157.3Rajasthan Royals2022
Umran Malik157Delhi Capitals2022
Mayank Yadav156.7Royal Challengers Bangalore2024
Anrich Nortje156.22Rajasthan Royals2020
Umran Malik156Delhi Capitals2022
Mayank Yadav155.8Punjab Kings2024
Anrich Nortje155.1Rajasthan Royals2020
Umran Malik154.8Delhi Capitals2022
Anrich Nortje154.7Rajasthan Royals2020
Dale Steyn154.4Royal Challengers Bangalore2012
Kagiso Rabada154.23Kolkata Knight Riders2019

Who has delivered the fastest ball in IPL history?

The fastest ball in IPL history was delivered by Shaun Tait of the Rajasthan Royals, with a speed of 157.71 km/h (97.9 mph).

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