ICC World Cup 2023: Fastest Fifties in ODI World Cup History (1975-2019)

Fastest Fifty In Cricket World Cup – Get ready for an exciting event – ODI World Cup 2023! It kicks off on October 5 and guess what? India is hosting it for the very first time. Cricket is like a favorite game in India, loved by people in almost every home. This big event is going to be super fun for everyone. Over the past 48 years, only six teams got to lift the cool gold and silver trophy.

Cricket gets super fun when the batters start hitting the ball all around. Sometimes, batters hit the ball so hard that it crosses the boundary lines. It’s exciting to watch! When a batter walks in to bat, the first thing they want is a good start. Then, they try to score either fifty runs or a hundred runs – that’s a lot in cricket!

Let’s delve into the Fastest 50 in ODI World Cup History.

Fastest Fifties in World Cup

Fastest Fifties in World Cup

Here is the list of players who scored the fastest 50 in the history of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

PlayerOpposition TeamBallsVenueDate
BB McCullum (NZ)Eng18Wellington20-Feb-15
BB McCullum (NZ)Can20Gros Islet22-Mar-07
AD Mathews (SL)Scot20Hobart11-Mar-15
GJ Maxwell (Aus)Afgh21Perth04-Mar-15
MV Boucher (SA)Neth21Basseterre16-Mar-07
BB McCullum (NZ)Aus21Auckland28-Feb-15
MV Boucher (SA)WI22St George’s10-Apr-07
Dinesh Chandimal (SL)Aus22Sydney08-Mar-15
BB McCullum (NZ)SA22Auckland24-Mar-15
BC Lara (WI)Can23Centurion23-Feb-03

Fastest Fifty In World Cup History

Some players step onto the field with a single goal in mind to score runs as fast as they can. These batters, driven by the desire for quick runs, often end up making world records. Many batters in recent times have pushed the limits when it comes to scoring speedy half-centuries. One of these remarkable players is the former New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum, known for his ‘Bazball’ approach, who holds the record for the fastest fifty in the grand event.

During the 19th match of the ODI World Cup, England faced off against New Zealand. England batted first and managed to score only 123 runs. In pursuit of this target, the New Zealand team reached the goal in a mere 12.2 overs. The then-captain McCullum played a crucial role in this victory, achieving a fifty in just 18 balls.

McCullum also holds the second spot in the list of the fastest half-centuries in the ODI World Cup. He showcased an incredible performance against Canada during the 2007 edition. Batting at the seventh position, McCullum scored a breathtaking fifty in just 20 balls, including 1 four and 5 sixes.

Looking ahead to the 2023 ODI World Cup, set to be hosted by India, fans might witness more thrilling and rapid fifties from batters, as the pitches in the subcontinent tend to favor them. Players like Shubman Gill and Jonny Bairstow possess the ability to achieve quick half-centuries.


Who has the fastest 50 in ODI World Cup history?

McCullum set two records for the fastest 50s in the World Cup. He made 77 runs (reaching 50 in 18 balls) when playing against England in 2015. Additionally, he achieved a fifty in just 20 balls during the 2007 match against Canada.

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