Five Finals of ICC Tournaments Affected by Weather

Sporting events, particularly cricket, have always been as much about the duel between teams as they are about the elements. 

Unpredictable weather, a critical yet uncontrollable factor, has often played spoilsport, leaving fans, players, and sports betting enthusiasts at Rajbet in frustration. Cricket, with its long-duration matches, is significantly prone to these weather-related disruptions. 

The International Cricket Council (ICC) tournaments, the pinnacle of international cricket competition, have not been spared either. This narrative will explore five of the most memorable ICC finals where weather played a significant, often pivotal role.

Five Finals of ICC Tournaments Affected by Weather

The World Cup Washout – 2002 Champions Trophy Final

The 2002 ICC Champions Trophy final, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka, saw two powerhouses, India and Sri Lanka, pitted against each other. However, incessant rain meant not a single ball could be bowled over two days, leading to the only instance in ICC tournament history where the trophy was shared.

A Curtailed Encounter – 2019 World Cup Final

The 2019 World Cup final between England and New Zealand at Lord’s was disrupted due to a rain delay. The resultant damp conditions played a significant role in the match’s outcome, with England’s victory in a Super Over coming amidst intense drama.

Rain Affects Australia’s Dominance Р1992 World Cup Final

The final of the 1992 World Cup between England and Pakistan was affected by rain interruptions. Despite Australia’s sterling performance throughout the tournament, rain interruptions in the final match led to a revised target for Pakistan, which they chased successfully to lift their first World Cup.

The D/L Impact – 2003 World Cup Semi-final

While not a final, the 2003 World Cup semi-final between Australia and Sri Lanka deserves mention for the rain drama. The Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) method came into play due to the rain interruption, which led to a revised target that Sri Lanka couldn’t meet, allowing Australia to progress to the final.

Champions Trophy’s Final Frustration – 2017 Final

The 2017 Champions Trophy final between India and Pakistan witnessed persistent showers causing interruptions. The D/L method was applied, but Pakistan managed to come out on top, leading to an exhilarating and unexpected conclusion to the tournament.

Types of Weather-Related Bets

Weather, a pivotal element in cricket, has been integrated into sports betting online at rajbet platform, allowing spectators to engage in bets related to weather interruptions, match outcomes under revised conditions, and more. Here are the main types of wagers that can be dedicated to weather conditions:

  • Match Outcome: Bettors can place a wager on the overall result of the match considering possible weather disruptions.
  • Method of Result Calculation: Here, bets are placed on whether the Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) method or other rain-rule methods would come into play.
  • Overs Completed: A bet on the total number of overs that will be played before weather interrupts the match.
  • Revised Targets: This involves betting on whether the target will be revised due to rain interruptions and the nature of such revised targets.
  • Match Abandonment: A high-risk wager where one predicts if the match will be completely washed out due to weather conditions.

Given the unpredictability of weather, especially in regions where cricket is predominantly played, weather-related bets offer a unique challenge to betting fans. Seasoned bettors analyze weather patterns alongside team performance to predict potential outcomes.


Weather interruptions in cricket, especially in critical ICC tournament finals, have left indelible marks on the annals of the sport. 

These moments have sparked joy, heartbreak, controversy, and even changes in the rules. It has taught us that even in a game of strategy and skill, there’s always room for unpredictable elements – a lesson that sports betting lovers take to heart. 

Weather will always be an uncontrollable factor in outdoor sports, but its influence makes every ICC tournament unique, unforgettable, and a testament to the adaptability of the teams.

Alice Mirza

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