ICC World Cup 2023: Lowest Total Defended In World Cups

Lowest Total Defended In World Cups – Cricket is a close game where small actions matter a lot. Catching a ball or making a fast run can change the game’s outcome. Sometimes, a match is won or lost by just one run. Matches have also ended in ties many times.

Cricket has a lot of records. In the Cricket World Cup, some teams have successfully Defended low scores. There are a few teams that are really skilled at defending, and a handful of them have even created historical records in the cricket world cup.

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Lowest Score Defended in World Cup

Lowest Score Defended in ODI World Cup

The list of Lowest Total Defended in World Cups is below:

TeamScore DefendedOppositionOversRPOGroundDate
Zimbabwe134England463Albury18 Mar 1992
New Zealand162/3Zimbabwe218Napier3 Mar 1992
England165/9Pakistan603Leeds16 Jun 1979
Kenya166West Indies493Pune29 Feb 1996
Australia170/2Netherlands365Potchefstroom20 Feb 2003
England171South Africa454Chennai6 Mar 2011
Canada180Bangladesh494Durban11 Feb 2003
India183West Indies543Lord’s25 Jun 1983
Pakistan184Canada434Colombo (RPS)3 Mar 2011
Bangladesh185/9Scotland504Edinburgh24 May 1999

Lowest Run Totals Successfully Defended In Cricket World Cup

You can check the list of the lowest totals defended in the ICC Cricket World Cup below.

Zimbabwe vs England – 134

On 18 March 1992, a match played between Zimbabwe and England in Albury. Zimbabwe displayed a brilliant defense and achieved a splendid victory. They scored 134 runs in 46.1 overs, successfully defeating England.

Despite England choosing to field first after winning the toss, they only managed a run rate of 2.9 per over. This led to Zimbabwe defending a total of 134 runs.

Zimbabwe’s exceptional defense set a new record in Cricket World Cup history. They hold the top position in the list of lowest defended totals in World Cups. No other team has surpassed Zimbabwe’s record since then.

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New Zealand vs Zimbabwe – 162/3

In this list, New Zealand holds the second position. They had a strong performance against Zimbabwe in Napier, achieving a winning score of 162/3. The match occurred during the 1992 World Cup on 3 March.

Rain caused three interruptions during the match, and eventually, Zimbabwe used up all their overs and reached a score of 105/7. This led to New Zealand’s victory.

England vs Pakistan – 165/9

In the ranking of the lowest defended totals in the World Cup, England holds the third spot. Back on 16 June 1979, during the World Cup, England secured a close victory against Pakistan by a margin of only 14 runs. It was a disappointing match for Pakistan as all their players were dismissed quite early.

England managed to score 165/9, while Pakistan fell short with a total of 151. This match unfolded in Leeds, where England achieved their victory within 60 overs, maintaining a modest run rate of 2.75 runs per over.

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Kenya vs West Indies – 166

A surprising fact is that Kenya holds the fourth spot in this lineup. On 29 February, in the 1996 World Cup, Kenya competed against West Indies at the Pune stadium. West Indies faced defeat with a remarkably low score of 93 all out, struggling to match Kenya’s 166 runs.

Australia vs Netherlands – 170/2

Securing the fifth spot, Australia emerged victorious over the Netherlands. During the 2003 World Cup on 20 February, Australia achieved a score of 170 and won by a margin of 48 runs. Despite the Netherlands’ bowlers putting up a splendid performance, they couldn’t turn the match in their favor.

Opting to field first after winning the toss, the Netherlands managed to restrict Australia to 170/2. However, they struggled to keep up and were eventually all out at a score of 122, leading to Australia’s win.

FAQ’s on Lowest Total Defended In World Cups

Who defended the lowest ODI World Cup score?

Zimbabwe defend lowest score in ODI World Cup 1992 against England.

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