Teams With Most Wins Against One Team in IPL

The Indian Premier League (IPL) sees intense rivalry brewing between franchises as they battle for supremacy. With world-class players on show, crunch contests between popular teams guarantee nail-biting action and close finishes. 

Over the high-octane tournament’s history stretching back to 2008, some IPL teams have enjoyed extended winning streaks against familiar foes. They have repeatedly gotten the better of their favored opposition by stringing together long sequences of consecutive match wins against them. 

teams with most wins against one team in ipl

Let’s look at the top 10 instances where an IPL franchise has dominated another by registering the most number of wins against them.

Most Wins against Single Opponent in IPL

Mumbai Indians23Kolkata Knight Riders320071.88
Kolkata Knight Riders21Punjab Kings320065.63
Chennai Super Kings20Royal Challengers Bangalore311064.52
Mumbai Indians20Chennai Super Kings360055.56
Chennai Super Kings19Delhi Capitals290065.52
Chennai Super Kings18Kolkata Knight Riders280064.29
Kolkata Knight Riders18Royal Challengers Bangalore320056.25
Mumbai Indians18Royal Challengers Bangalore320156.25
Mumbai Indians18Delhi Capitals330054.55
Royal Challengers Bangalore17Delhi Capitals301156.67
Punjab Kings17Royal Challengers Bangalore310054.84

For definitively determining the IPL teams with the longest winning streaks against a particular opposition side, the following criteria have been used to accurately rank the teams:

– Total number of wins registered by a franchise against a rival in all IPL seasons from 2008-2023
– Win percentage – total wins out of all contests played between the sides
– Wins in consecutive games against the same opposition at any stage

So let’s reveal the teams who have most owned their favorite Bunny opponent!

#5. MI vs Delhi Capitals – 18 Wins  

The Mumbai Indians (MI) have been the stronger team in their matches against the Delhi team, which has had different names like Delhi Daredevils over the years.

Out of the 33 IPL matches they’ve played against each other, MI has won 18 times. That’s a win rate of over 54%. Even when they weren’t in their best form last season, the star players of MI often performed well against the Capitals.

#4. RCB vs Delhi Capitals – 17 Wins

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have often had the upper hand against the Delhi team in the history of the IPL. Out of the 30 games they’ve played, RCB has won 17 times, showing their dominance in this rivalry.

This means that RCB has a winning rate of over 56%, which highlights their strong performance when they play against the team from Delhi.

#3. KKR vs Punjab Kings – 21 Wins

The rivalry between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Punjab Kings (PBKS) has been mostly one-sided for over a decade.

In the 32 matches they’ve played since 2008, KKR, who have won the championship twice, have defeated Punjab 21 times. That’s an amazing win rate of nearly 66%. Players like Sunil Narine have consistently outperformed Punjab during this time, helping KKR to secure their victories.

#2. MI vs KKR – 23 Wins

The Mumbai Indians, who have won the IPL five times, have consistently outperformed the two-time champions, the Kolkata Knight Riders, especially in the 2023 IPL season.

Out of the 32 matches played between these two strong teams, Mumbai has won 23 times. This is an amazing win rate of over 72%. Rohit Sharma and his team have consistently managed to defeat Kolkata’s best players.

#1. CSK vs RCB – 20 Wins

The Southern Derby between long-time rivals Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore has seen CSK completely control the matchups. In their 31 contests over multiple seasons, four-time champions Chennai have dominated RCB, beating them 20 times. This works out to an impressive 64% win percentage in favor of the CSK side.

With captain MS Dhoni and vice-captain Suresh Raina excelling at home against Bangalore, Chennai has made beating Kohli’s Challengers look straightforward. Truly, an extraordinary winning record highlighting CSK’s quality.

So in summary – CSK has repeatedly defeated a major rival RCB thanks to many consecutive wins against them in important contests over 15+ years. Their ability to consistently win against the same opponent shows their composure and champion mentality.


– Stringing together consecutive wins creates psychological edge and confidence to beat rivals
– Strong IPL winning streaks bred by top players and tactically astute teams  
– MI have dominated DC over the years with over 54% win ratio  
– RCB have owned Delhi by winning 17 of 30 contests (over 56% wins)
– KKR have blown Punjab away 21 times in 32 clashes (nearly 66% wins)
– Mumbai Indians have outperformed KKR comprehensively (over 72% wins)  
– Chennai Super Kings have totally owned Royal Challengers Bangalore historically (win % over 64)

Which side has the highest win percentage against one rival in IPL history?

Mumbai Indians have won an incredible 72% of contests played against the Kolkata Knight Riders.

Who has registered the outright most match wins against a single opposition team?

Chennai Super Kings have registered 20 comprehensive wins against Royal Challengers Bangalore over the years.


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