Which Team Has Never Won IPL Trophy / Final?

In some ways, IPL fans should be thankful that their teams won many IPL titles as a result of playing in the league. In spite of this, did you know that there are a number of teams that have never won the IPL? 

A lot of people will not be able to answer the question correctly regarding which team has never won the Indian Premier League.

Which Team Has Never Won IPL Trophy / Final?
Which Team Has Never Won IPL Trophy / Final?

It is also important to note that some teams haven’t yet won the IPL trophy. There are three teams that have never won an IPL season: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Punjab Kings (PBKS), and Delhi Capitals (DC).

Despite struggling very much in each of the seasons, they were unable to score their first title in the Indian Premier League.

There are also some teams that have played in the IPL finals but, despite their best efforts, were unsuccessful in reaching the final. Here we will provide some information about these teams and also give you a peek of their early days in the IPL so far.

Who has won the maximum title in IPL?

Getting to the point, let us take a look at the best performers from recent IPL tournaments before we discuss which of these teams has yet to win the tournament. The Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings hold the record for winning the most IPL titles both won 5 titles, followed by Kolkata Knight Riders with two titles.Considering these teams are well-known, it is no surprise that they are the most popular.

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Who has won just once?

There are a number of other teams who have won at least one title in the IPL. In 2008, the Rajasthan Royals became the first team to win the IPL and it was also the team’s only title. It is worth noting that the two other teams to win a title in the IPL are the Deccan Chargers and Sunrisers Hyderabad. The Deccan Chargers have left the IPL.

Which team has never won any IPL title?

It should be noted, however, that the teams that correctly identified which team has never won the IPL tournament, were placed last. Of the eight teams going head-to-head in this season’s edition of the Indian Premier League, these are the teams that have never won the title.

The three teams are Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kings XI Punjab, and Delhi Capitals. The answer to the question of which team has never won the IPL does not have to be a bad team. Each of these teams has its own standout players.

Why RCB Never Won IPL?

The following are a few reasons why Royal Challengers Bangalore has never won an IPL season so far:

  • R.C.B. always has a weak bowling line up in the IPL and this is the reason behind their failure in the competition.
  • There are not enough good all-rounders to make up for this.
  • There is no top spin bowler, only Yuzvendra Chahal.
  • In recent IPL seasons, RCB lacked a perfect opening pair.
  • The RCB’s bowling lineup is weak, which makes it difficult for them to defend scores.
  • RCB is heavily dependent on two or three big players to win matches. If they fail, then RCB always loses.

Why Has Punjab Kings Never Won an IPL Title?

There could be several reasons why Punjab Kings have never won an IPL title, despite being a part of the tournament since its inception. Some of the factors that could have contributed to their lack of success are:

Inconsistent Performances

One of the biggest reasons why Punjab Kings have never won an IPL title is their inconsistent performances throughout the tournament. The team has often started the season on a high note, winning a few matches in the beginning, but then failed to carry the momentum forward and lost crucial matches in the latter stages of the tournament.

Poor Team Selection

Another reason for Punjab Kings’ lack of success could be their poor team selection over the years. The team has often failed to address their weak areas and has stuck with the same set of players even when they were not performing well.

Lack of Quality Spinners

Spinners play a crucial role in the success of a team in T20 cricket, and Punjab Kings have always struggled in this department. Over the years, the team has failed to find quality spinners who can take wickets and control the flow of runs.

Why DC Never Won IPL?

Here are a few reasons why Delhi Capitals never won any IPL season yet:

  • DC was always plagued with the problem of opening pairs.
  • Delhi Capitals also had a problem with a good captain but within the IPL 2019, they were able to get Shreyas Iyer as the best captain and they qualified with their youngest team in the history of the IPL and they were very close to winning the title.
  • There is a lack of good all-rounders in the squad.

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