Who is the Baap (Godfather) of IPL- Real Godfather of IPL -King of IPL?

In general, the term “baap of IPL” or “godfather of IPL” is used to refer to the most successful team over the past 14 seasons.

In the cricket world Sachin Tendulkar is referred to as the “God of Cricket” since he played for the Indian national team for many years. However, we will not go into the details of them today. We will tell you who the cricket fans consider as The Baap of the IPL.

Who is the Baap (Godfather) of IPL- Real Godfather of IPL

Why are Mumbai Indians called the baap of IPL?

Given the fact that Mumbai is a cricket-crazy city, the Mumbai Indians have always enjoyed one of the largest fan bases among all the IPL teams. Despite the presence of international cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh, and many others, the team failed to win the IPL trophy until the sixth IPL season in 2013.

Despite predictions from various online IPL betting sites, the Mumbai Indians never consistently came close to winning the championship apart from the 2010 season when they reached the final. The most successful team at that time was Chennai Super Kings led by MS Dhoni, the then Indian captain who led the team to tremendous success.

Who is the Godfather of IPL?

As you know, the IPL 2022 is underway and we are watching matches of our favorite teams. There are many players who are similar to the Godfather of IPL in different ways, but none can really be considered as the Godfather of IPL. According to many rumours, some may say MS Dhoni is the Godfather of the IPL, while others may suggest Rohit Sharma is Godfather of the IPL or even king of the IPL. But if we search for the godfather of the IPL, or the king of the IPL, MS Dhoni comes at the top of the list. How MS Dhoni has scored the godfather place? 

Who is baap of IPL?

CSK and MI are my two favorite IPL teams based on my reviews. The general opinion is that CSK is the best team in IPL, while others believe MI is the best team in IPL. Since the inception of the IPL, CSK has always been the most successful team. Dhoni is frequently referred to as the ‘Baap of the IPL’ or the ‘Godfather of the IPL’. The energetic man holds the amazing record of having played in the most IPL finals out of anyone. A number of legendary Indian players have participated in the IPL throughout its history, which dates back to its inception. When it comes to hitting the most sixes, MS Dhoni owns the top spot, having hit 209 maximums.

Who is the king of IPL 2022?

Many people are in great need to find out who is the Godfather of the Indian Premier League, who is the King of IPL, and who is the King of IPL 2022. On Facebook and other social media platforms, we can see people commenting on the baap of the IPL as soon as they open them. MS Dhoni has earned the title of Godfather of the IPL without any surprise on his part. 

MS Dhoni has proved many times as a Godfather of IPL by leading his team in a successful way.


MS Dhoni is clearly the Baap of the Indian Premier League as you can see from the above whole research.

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