Bowlers with Most Dot Balls in IPL: Who has bowled Maximum Number of Dot Balls in Indian Premier League?

The following list shows the list of players who have bowled the most dot balls in the history of the IPL. Harbhajan Singh holds the record with the most dot balls in the history of the IPL with 1249.

Most dot balls in IPL: Two fast bowlers and three spinners are among the Top 5 bowlers with most dot balls in IPL History.

Is it possible to believe that there are bowlers who hold the record for bowling dotted balls in the IPL, which is considered to be the heaven of batting? In fact, actually, there is such a thing. Among the players who appear in the IPL are world-class players, and their performances have amazed audiences around the world. 

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Bowlers with Most Dot Balls in IPL: Who has bowled Maximum Number of Dot Balls in  Indian Premier League?

Bowlers who have bowled most dot balls in IPL

In the history of the Indian Premier League, the following is a list of the players who have bowled the most number of dot balls.

1. Top of the List -Harbhajan Singh (1249 Dot Balls)

As far as Indian bowling records are concerned, Harbhajan Singh holds most of them. As well as that, he is among the best bowlers in the Indian Premier League as well. It is also worth noting that Harbhajan has bowled the most number of dots so far in the tournament. 

The player has played in 160 matches in total for the IPL and has bowled a total of 562 overs in his career, and he has taken 152 wickets. 

The number of dot balls he bowled in the 562 overs that he bowled made up 1249 out of those overs, making him the player who has bowled the most number of dot balls in the IPL so far.

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2. Lasith Malinga – (1151 Dot Balls)

There is no doubt that Malinga has etched his name on the record table with the rest of the other IPL bowling records. During his 122 IPL appearances, he has bowled 471 overs as he has taken part in 122 matches. It should be noted that he is also the highest wicket-taker in the IPL, with 170 wickets. He is at the top of the list in terms of the most numbers of balls he has bowled in his IPL career, bowling 1151 of them.

3. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar – (1124 Dot Balls)

Bhuvaneshwar Kumar is one of the best pacers in the world, especially for batsmen who are afraid of his unpredictable swing and fast pace. As a bowler, he has bowled 435 overs during the IPL and has grabbed scalps in 117 of the games. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar bowls 1124 dots in his career in the Indian Premier League, making him the third-most bowler in terms of dots in the league.

4. Amit Mishra- (1110 Dot Balls)

One of the most notable spin magicians in the history of the IPL is Amit Mishra who has shown some impressive spells during his career. This is the only time in the history of the IPL that an Indian player has scored three hat tricks. It should also be noted that he has played 147 matches so far and bowled 516.5 overs, and has bagged 157 wickets so far in his career. The bowler ranked fourth in this list, as he threw 1110 dot balls throughout his career.

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5. Piyush Chawla- (1107 Dot Balls)

Piyush Chawla has played 157 matches in the IPL, and over the course of his IPL career, he has bowled 524.40 overs. Chawla has taken a total of 150 wickets from the tournament so far and has also bowled a total of 1,107 dot balls throughout it.

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