IPL Best Bowling Average: Top 5 Best Bowling Averages in IPL History

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has provided many exciting matches over the years, and it’s no surprise that some of the best bowlers in the world have made their mark in the competition. This article will outline the top 5 best bowling averages in IPL history, with a focus on who has been able to perform consistently over time.

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 For the IPL best bowling average category this year, all of the players on the list have played less than 35 matches. There are a lot of unfamiliar names on the list and they may surprise you in the future.

IPL Best Bowling Average

Top 5 Best Bowling Averages in IPL History

1. Kagiso Rabada:

Currently, Rabada is considered to be the best bowler of this generation. As far as bowling spells go, he is well known for ensuring the victory of his team with some very impressive bowling spells. Moreover, he also holds the record for having the highest bowling average in the history of the IPL.

 In the 35 IPL matches that Rabada has played, he has taken 61 wickets and conceded 1,104 runs. His bowling average increases to a whopping 18.09, which makes him the best bowler of the IPL to date.

2. Doug Bollinger:

In terms of bowling average, Doug Bollinger is ranked second on this list with the second-best mark in IPL history. Bollinger has played in a total of 27 matches and has bowled a total of 96 overs in that time. 

The average number of wickets he has taken in his career is 37, with 693 runs conceded as a result of his 37 wickets.

3. Dimitri Mascarenhas:

A total of 13 IPL matches have been played by Dimitri Mascarenhas, and he has bowled a total of 51.2 overs in the league. The fact that he has claimed 19 wickets in these 13 matches gives him a 356-run haul. 

He has taken five wickets for a total of 25 runs, which is his personal best in the Indian Premier League. In case you are wondering what his average in the IPL is, it is 18.73, which is the third-best average in the history of the IPL.

4. MHF Maharoof:

The fourth-best bowling average in IPL history belongs to MH Maharoof, who has only played in a total of 20 IPL matches. It must be noted that during his 20 matches, he has bowled a total of 70 overs, taking 27 wickets and conceding a total of 520 runs. 

In the 20 matches he played, his bowling statistics sum to an average of 19.25 and that places him somewhere in the top five of bowlers.

5. Lasith Malinga:

The greatest pacer of all time is undoubtedly Lasith Malinga, who has undoubtedly paved his way to the top. In the Indian Premier League as well as international matches, he has numerous records that are written in his name. IPL history records the highest number of wickets taken by a Sri Lankan pacer in its history. In total, Malinga has appeared in 122 matches of the IPL and has bowled, in total, 471.1 overs of the game. 

With these earnings, he has also taken a total of 170 wickets conceding 3366 runs which, as a result, gives him an average of 19.80.

List of players with best bowling average in IPL:

PositionPlayerTeamEconomy Rate
1Kagiso Rabada Delhi Capitals18.09
2Doug BollingerChennai Super Kings18.72
3Dimitri MascarenhasPunjab Kings18.73
4MF MaharoofDelhi Capitals19.25
5Lasith MalingaMumbai Indians19.80
6Mitchell StarcRoyal Challengers Bangalore20.38
7Rashid KhanSunrisers Hyderabad20.49
8Mitchell MarshSunrisers Hyderabad21.00
9Khaleel AhmedSunrisers Hyderabad21.00
10Imran Tahir Chennai Super Kings21.08

In conclusion, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has produced some of the greatest bowlers in cricket history. The top 5 best bowling averages in IPL history demonstrate the skill and talent of these cricketers. These bowlers have consistently performed well over a number of years and are at the top of their game. With such an impressive record, they are sure to be remembered as some of the greatest bowlers to ever grace the field for many years to come.

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