IPL 2022: IPL is Better Than the World Cup

The Indian Premier League (IPL) and the T20 Cricket World Cup are two of the most popular cricket tournaments in India, if not the world. But which of these two incredible events is the most popular in India and across the world?

Those viewer counts are from all over the world, but it’s safe to infer that a sizable portion of the 450 million viewers were watching the games from India.

IPL is Better Than the World Cup

The total amount of minutes spent watching the IPL 2021 was 255 billion. This figure is the total length of time that the 450 million viewers spent watching the various IPL matches.

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Why the IPL is a higher standard competition than the T20 World Cup

IPL is a global tournament that attracts players from all over the world. “If you ask any cricketer where they would like to play T20 cricket, they will most likely say the Indian Premier League,” said Ganga.
In the Indian Premier League, the best players from all over the world compete against each other. In my opinion, that, I believe, proves to me that the level of play is going to be higher.

T20 is bigger on a global scale

There are a number of reasons why the T20 cricket world cup is bigger than the IPL worldwide. One of the major reasons is that the T20 tournament involves teams from more than 16 cricket-loving nations.

The IPL, on the other hand, is a domestic Indian tournament. Even though it involves some of the biggest cricketers in the world from India and abroad, the tournament does not have the same kind of international appeal.

How many people watched the T20 world cup in total? There were 509 million cricket viewers worldwide.
There were 509 million cricket fans who watched a total of 822 billion minutes of T20 matches, which is more than three times as much as the IPL.

IPL is better than the World Cup, reckons AB de Villiers

A popular figure in the IPL, he has been playing since its inception. The T20 tournament was so impressive to ABD that he said it was even better than the World Cup.“Nothing comes close to the IPL, to be honest. I know I am sitting in India and busy playing in the IPL, so it’s easy to say. But I have played in quite a few (tournaments) now across the world. I think it’s better than the World Cup,” 

Why IPL is more popular than any other international tournament?

IPL simply gets more eyeballs because of its popularity in India.

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