IPL 2024 Prize Money Details -How much money will the Winners get?

IPL 2024 Prize Money will be INR 20 crores for the winner, INR 13 crores for the runners-up, and INR 7 crores for the two other teams qualifying for the playoff stage. The team that reaches the fourth qualifier will receive 6.5 Crore rupees. In this article, we will explore the prize money that IPL 2024 winners will receive and how it compares to previous seasons.

ipl 2023 prize money

IPL 2024 Prize Money Details  

RR and GT played the final match of the IPL 2022 in Chennai on Monday. GT won the IPL trophy for the first time ever. In advance of that, we would like to present you with the prize money that will be given to the winners of the IPL. Earlier, the BCCI had communicated this information to all franchisees.

Winners and runner-ups in the Indian Premier League (IPL) have seen their prize money halved.

Champions$2.9 MillionRs 20 Crore
Runner-ups$1.8 MillionRs 13 Crore
3rd Place $1.3 MillionRs 6.5 Crore
4th Place $1.3 MillionRs 6.5 Crore

As the richest and most glamorous T20 cricket league in the world enters its fourteenth edition, the IPL only gets better. There is no doubt that the IPL has not only helped make careers for those involved in it, but also prospered the lives of those involved in it, and the IPL stats prove it clearly.

It is also through these companies that the money flows in, along with the attention that they bring to the competition. 

Money has always been a talking point of the IPL, and one of the factors that make this tournament so unique is the amount of prize money that the four top teams receive every season.

In 2008, the IPL prize money was $3 million, worth INR 12 crores. Rajasthan Royals famously captained and coached by former Australian leg spinner Shane Warne, received $1.2 million alone.

In the Indian Premier League 2019, the prize money alone for the winners was worth INR 20 crores, which was more than the prize money allocated for all four of the teams in the IPL in 2008.

Due to the widespread COVID-19, the prize money did not remain so high for long. In 2020, the tournament moved from April-May to September-October-November, and in 2021, the same prize money will be given as in its previous edition in 2020.

As with the previous editions of the IPL, the prize money for the 2023 edition will not be the same as last year’s. Each winner receives INR 20 crores, the runner-up INR 12.5 crores, and the two other teams making the playoffs stage will receive INR 8.75 crores each.

How is the IPL prize money distributed?

IPL 2023 Prize Money Details -How much money will the Winners get?
IPL 2023 Prize Money for IPL 2023

The IPL prize money is distributed among the teams and players according to the following rules:

  • The winning team receives 50% of the total prize money
  • The runners-up receive 25% of the total prize money
  • The third and fourth-placed teams receive 15% and 10% of the total prize money, respectively.

The players and support staff of the winning team receive the prize money, which is distributed among them according to their contract agreements with the team.

Along with these match awards, there are a couple more awards that are given for the overall performance of the team through the entire series. These are listed below:

Each award mentioned below carries a cash prize of 10 lakh


There is an award for the most outstanding young cricketer that emerges as the most outstanding performer of the season. The award may be given to a bowler or a batsman.

IPL ORANGE CAPThis award is given to the batsmen who score the maximum runs in the entire IPL season.

FAIR PLAY AWARD– Throughout the IPL, this award is given to the team that has demonstrated the most discipline.

SUPER STRIKER OF THE SEASON-Batsmen with the highest strike rate throughout the entire IPL tournament receive this award.

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER- Presented to the player who is most valuable in both batting and bowling throughout the IPL season.

IPL PURPLE CAPThe winner of this award is the bowler who has picked up the most wickets in the entire season of the Indian Premier League.

MOST SIXES AWARD– This award is given to the batsman who has scored the most sixes during the course of the season.

The Individual awards and their respective prize money for all of them have been listed down below. 

AwardPrize Money (in rupees)
Purple Cap winner15 Lakhs
Orange cap winner15 Lakhs
Super Striker of the season15 Lakhs
Crack it sixes of the season12 Lakhs
Power player of the season12 Lakhs
Most valuable player12 Lakhs
Game changer of the season12 Lakhs
Emerging player20 Lakhs

How much does the IPL 2024 winning team get?

This year’s IPL has offered a prize pool of 20 crores to the winning team, with the winning team getting a total of 20 crores.

How much will the IPL 2024 Runners-up team get?

The IPL has offered a winning prize pool of 20 crores and the Runners-up team will get a total of ₹13 crore.

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