IPL 2023: Most consecutive wins by a team in IPL

When it comes to the Indian Premier League (IPL), every team strives to maintain a winning streak throughout the season. However, there have been certain teams that have outperformed others by setting records for the most consecutive wins in the history of the tournament.

As cricket enthusiasts, we all want to know which team holds the title for the highest winning streak in the IPL. In this article, we’ll dive into the records to discover which team holds this prestigious title and take a closer look at their performance during their winning streak. So sit back, relax, and let’s explore the most exciting and thrilling moments in IPL history, all centered around the Most Consecutive Wins by a Team in IPL.

Most consecutive wins by a team in IPL

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 teams in the Indian Premier League with the most consecutive wins. It is time to have a look at these top 5 IPL teams in more detail.


1. IPL Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) – 10 Consecutive IPL Wins

It is the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), who have won 10 consecutive matches in two seasons of the Indian Premier League (IPL), 2014 and 2015. In the history of IPL, only one team, the Kolkata franchise, has won ten consecutive games in a row.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that Kolkata had even won four consecutive games in the Champions League T20 that year, before they were eliminated in the knockout round. With this data, they had a winning streak of 14 in the T20 games, and when it came down to IPL games, they had a winning streak of 10.

2. Kings XI Punjab – 8 consecutive IPL wins

There have been no IPL trophies raised by Kings XI Punjab, which is now known as Punjab Kings. The team has a record of winning successive seasons in the IPL during the 2013 and 2014 seasons. As a franchise, we managed to win eight consecutive games, three in 2013 and five in 2014. In the 63rd match of the 2013 Indian Premier League, the team started their winning streak with a win over Royal Challengers Bangalore. 

Punjab won eight of these eight matches, two of them against RCB, and the other seven against other IPL teams. The winning streak of this team came to an end with a loss versus Kolkata in the 34th match of the 2014 IPL.

3. Chennai Super Kings – 7 Consecutive IPL wins

In the Indian Premier League, Chennai Super Kings is regarded as the second most successful franchise and is ranked third for the longest streak of consecutive wins in the history of the league. It is the only team, except for Mumbai Indians, that has won two consecutive IPL trophies-2010 and 2011-as a team.

They began the series of victories during the league match against Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) which is when they started their winning streak. As well as defeating the KKR and Rajasthan Royals twice, they also defeated the Sunrisers Hyderabad, the Pune Warriors, and KXIP. In the 49th match of the IPL 2013 season, the streak was ended when Mumbai defeated Kolkata in the 49th match.

4. Royal Challengers Bangalore – 7 consecutive IPL wins

In the history of the Indian Premier League, the RCB has been one of the unluckiest teams. In the past three years, the Virat Kohli-led side has reached three IPL finals, losing all three times. In 2011, the year when Chris Gayle announced he would be returning to the competition, they reached the final. Gayle’s power-hitting helped the RCB to a massive winning streak of seven consecutive games.

Having started their winning saga by sweeping aside Kolkata in the 24th match of the 2011 IPL 2011 by nine wickets, they have remained unbeaten ever since. The rest of the six wins were won by RCB against all the other franchises on the other hand, except Chennai. In Punjab after scoring 232 runs in their first innings, KXIP ended Bangalore’s winning streak by defeating them with a massive margin of 111 runs by defeating them by 111 runs.

5. Mumbai Indians – 6 consecutive IPL wins

There is no doubt that Michigan is the most successful team in the tournament. Despite the fact that they have won the IPL trophy twice in a row, they have also reached the finals several times.

With a number of high records for their name, the team managed to make their way into the record books of being the first team to have consecutive victories in the IPL in its inaugural season (2008). At the beginning of the Indian Premier League, MI was the first team to have won the most consecutive games. The team made a winning streak of six games. 

A week after Mumbai lost its first four matches of the 2008 IPL, the team won its first IPL match against Kolkata in the fifth match of the season. Their winning streak was extended by 7 wickets with a decent win by 7 wickets. In the next five games, Delhi, Rajasthan, Chennai, Kolkata, and Deccan Chargers all defeated each other to complete a winning streak of six games. Mumbai lost to Punjab by just one run in the 45th match of the season, which brought an end to their winning streak.

Conclusion of IPL Most Consecutive Wins

There is no doubt that the Kolkata Knight Riders, two-time IPL champions, hold the record for the most consecutive IPL wins ever. As of now, the team has won ten consecutive matches, nine of which came in the second title-winning season in 2014, and the tenth was the opener of the 2015 season against Mumbai Indians.

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