Teams with Most Wins Against Mumbai Indians in IPL History 

The Mumbai Indians (MI) cricket team has been the most successful team in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL), winning the prestigious title five times.
However, a few teams have consistently given a tough time to MI, led by Rohit Sharma. Let’s take a look at the teams that have won the most matches against Mumbai in the IPL.

Teams with Most Wins Against Mumbai Indians in IPL History 

#5th Most Wins vs MI – Royal Challengers Bangalore

The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and Mumbai Indians (MI) have faced each other 32 times. Out of these, RCB has won 12 games and lost 19, which means they have a win rate of 37.50% against MI.

Virat Kohli led RCB to victory twice over MI during the seasons they made it to the finals, in 2016 and 2020. However, in 2013, RCB couldn’t get past MI in the eliminator round.

#4th Most Wins vs MI – Punjab Kings 

The Punjab Kings (PBKS) have played against the Mumbai Indians (MI) 29 times since the IPL began in 2008. Punjab has won 13 of these matches, while Mumbai has won 15 times. There was also one game that ended in a tie.

Punjab has a pretty good win rate against Mumbai, at 44.82%. They managed to win against MI during the league stages in both 2014 and 2020, which were years when they reached the final.

#3rd Most Wins vs MI – Rajasthan Royals

The Rajasthan Royals (RR), the champions of the first IPL, have faced the Mumbai Indians 28 times so far. They’ve managed to beat Mumbai 13 times, while Mumbai has won 15 times, making their head-to-head record quite close.

Rajasthan had a good run against Mumbai, especially between 2008 and 2014. However, Mumbai turned the tables in the playoff rounds, defeating Rajasthan in the eliminators in 2015 and 2022.

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#2nd Most Wins vs MI – Chennai Super Kings   

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Mumbai Indians (MI) have a legendary rivalry in the Indian Premier League (IPL). They’ve faced each other 36 times, with CSK winning 15 times and MI winning 21 times.

CSK, led by MS Dhoni, has had some big wins over Mumbai, including victories in the IPL finals in 2010, 2011, and 2018. When it comes to matches played at Chepauk, CSK has a 12-10 win record over MI, making them a tough opponent for Mumbai.

#1. Most Wins vs MI – Delhi Capitals  

The Delhi Capitals (DC) have never won the IPL championship, but they’ve often outplayed the five-time champions, the Mumbai Indians. In their 32 matches against each other, Delhi has won 15 times, while Mumbai has won 17 times.

Delhi showed their strength against Mumbai during the 2013 season when Mumbai won the title. Also, in 2020, under the leadership of Shreyas Iyer, Delhi beat Mumbai in Qualifier 1 and made it to the final.


The Mumbai Indians have been a powerhouse in the Indian Premier League, outperforming most of the competition. However, teams like the Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, and Rajasthan Royals have often been a thorn in their side.

These teams have managed to outplay Mumbai in important matches and have even won back-to-back league games against them from time to time. But, Rohit Sharma and his team always find a way to bounce back from these setbacks.

Who won most IPL finals between MI and CSK?

Mumbai Indians (3 wins), Chennai Super Kings (1 win)

When did RR defeat MI in an IPL final?

Never. RR has lost both its IPL finals against CSK and SRH.

Which side has the most tied games against Mumbai?

Punjab Kings (1 tie)  

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