Who Won Yesterday’s Match in T20 World Cup 2024? – T20 World Cup Result

Who won Yesterday’s T20 World Cup match – Check yesterday’s match result along with a match overview, Man of the Match, highlights, and much more. The T20 World Cup 2024 kick-started on 2 june 2024, with the first match between USA and CAN. Check out the T20 World Cup 2022 full schedule by clicking here.

Who Won Yesterday's Match in T20 World Cup 2024

Who Won Yesterday T20 World Cup Match – Result

*Following are the details of the last T20 World Cup match

Yesterday’s T20 World cup match
T20 World Cup Match Number
Who Won yesterday’s IPL Match?

Yesterday’s T20 World Cup  Match Score

T20 World Cup 2024 Scoreboard


Yesterday’s T20 World Cup Match Playing XI

T20 World Cup  2024 Playing 11

Yesterday’s T20 World Cup Match Highlights

Who Scored the most Runs in Yesterday’s T20 World Cup Match?

As a rule, the player who scores the maximum runs for his or her respective team is deemed to be the player who scored the most runs in that particular match.


Who took the most Wickets in Yesterday’s T20 World Cup Match?

The ability to pick up wickets is one of the factors that determine the winner of the match. Especially when the match is played in a short format, early wickets play a vital role in determining the outcome. During a match, the player who picks up the most number of wickets for their team will be considered the Most Wicket Taker of the Match.

The player who picked the most wickets in yesterday’s T20 WC Match will be the one with the best economic rate if more than one player picked the same number.



Who hit the most number of Sixes in Yesterday’s T20 World Cup Match?

It is very likely that the match flow in a short format match can be abruptly changed when a player starts hitting sixes. As there are only 120 balls available to play, players are eager to make a hyperjump by hitting as many boundaries as possible.

A special award has been given to the players who scored the highest number of sixes in a match at the T20 WC. The following list will be updated based on the number of runs each player has scored:

No. of Sixes 

Who Won the Man of the Match award in Yesterday’s T20 World Cup Match?

The Man of the Match award will be given to the player who contributed significantly to the match-winning effort with either the bat or the ball. In addition to the Man of the Match award, the prize money for the winner will also be awarded at the end of the match.

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