Top 5 IPL Captains with the Best Winning Percentages

IPL Captains with the Best Winning Percentages:

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Who doesn’t love a good captain who can lead their team to victory? In the Indian Premier League, we have seen some incredible captains with impressive winning percentages. Have you ever wondered who the top captains are in terms of winning percentages? Well, wonder no more! We have compiled a list of the IPL captains with the best winning percentages, and the results are quite surprising.

In a nutshell, we have researched and analyzed the data of all the IPL captains over the years and identified the top five captains with the best-winning percentages. These captains have not only led their teams to glory but have also set new benchmarks for leadership and performance in the IPL. Some of them have even gone on to become legends in the cricketing world.

IPL Captains with the Best Winning Percentages
IPL Captains with the Best Winning Percentages

But these top five captains are not the only ones we have in our ranking. We have also included some honorable mentions who have come close to the top but fell just short. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the realm of the IPL captains with the best winning percentages and see who comes out on top. To make our analysis more valuable and trustworthy, we have taken insights from some of the most renowned cricketing experts in the world, and the results are truly fascinating.

Let’s review the top five IPL captains with the highest winning percentage before the Indian Premier League 2022 begins.

IPL Captains with the Best Winning Percentages

#1. Rohit Sharma | 60.16 – Best IPL Captain

It turns out that Captain Rohit Sharma has the highest winning percentage in the IPL with his 60.17% winning percentage. Since Rohit Sharma became the captain of the Mumbai Indians, the team has won four IPL titles. It is interesting to note that Rohit Sharma won his first title very soon after taking over the captaincy from Ricky Ponting in 2013. 

There is no denying his skills as a skipper, especially since his team has the highest winning percentage in the IPL. 

Among the 113 games he has led as captain, 66 have been wins and 43 have been losses. Based on the current situation in the Indian Premier League, Mumbai Indians still have a chance to bring home the trophy under his captaincy.

#2. MS Dhoni | 59.18 – Best IPL Captain of All Time

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the only player who captained a team in the 2008 edition and is still captaining a team today. CSK won three IPL trophies under his captaincy between the years of 2010, 2011, and 2018 under his leadership. 

The total number of matches he has captained is 196, with 116 of them being wins. This brings his winning percentage up to 58.82.

 Throughout the 2016 and 2020 seasons with the exception of two, he led his team to the IPL playoffs in each of those seasons. Additionally, he is the IPL’s all-time record holder  for most matches he played as a captain in the IPL.

#3. Sachin Tendulkar | 58.82 – Best IPL Captain Ever

In spite of his huge stature as an Indian cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar has never been considered one of the country’s most successful captains. In terms of his stint as India’s captain in the late 1990s, he didn’t enjoy a lot of success. 

Sachin, however, had a decent record leading the Mumbai Indians franchise when Mumbai Indians asked him to lead the team for the IPL.

It was under his leadership that MI reached the finals of the 2010 edition. There, they were beaten by CSK in the final. Sachin led the team for 51 matches and won 30 of those matches, having a victory percentage of 58.82 during his time in the role. In the end, Rohit Sharma succeeded him as the skipper of the team.

#4. Gautam Gambhir | 56.48

Kolkata Knight Riders’ Captain Gautam Gambhir was one of the most aggressive players in IPL 2011, proving to be a valuable addition to the team. Gambhir led KKR to their maiden triumph in the 2012 Indian Premier League as their captain.

 In the IPL campaign, he led by example and inspired his troops to a successful performance. In addition to Gambhir’s brilliant form as an opener, he has proven to be a successful skipper as well. It is worth mentioning that Gambhir also played a big role in helping KKR win another IPL title within the space of two years during IPL 2014. 

In the history of the IPL, Gambhir ranks among the most successful captains of the competition with two trophies won. With a win percentage of 56.48, the Delhi-born lad won 62 matches as captain in 108 games played in IPL.

#5. Shane Warne | 54.55

As the captain of the Rajasthan Royals during the inaugural IPL 2008, Shane Warne was a key player for the team. The Jaipur-based franchise was led to glory in the 2008 IPL by Warne, one of the underdog teams in the tournament. 

In 2008, he had the ability to recognize the potential in the young players and eventually led a bunch of young boys to lift the IPL trophy with his experience. 

He was not only the captain, but he was also a mentor, an assistant coach, and also the leader of the Rajasthan cricket team. He led his team to victory in 30 of the 55 matches he played during his time as captain during the IPL season, with a win percentage of 54.55.

Who is the Best IPL Captain?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is widely considered to be the best IPL captain of all time. He has led Chennai Super Kings to three IPL titles, as well as two Champions League T20 titles and one CLT20 title. He has also been named the IPL Player of the Tournament twice and holds numerous records for most wins as a captain in the tournament. His success in leading CSK to victory makes him one of the greatest captains in cricket history.

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