The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was a spectacle of sheer talent, perseverance, and cricketing prowess. As teams battled fiercely on the field, a few players etched their names in history. With the spotlight on the batters, let’s delve into the ones who hit the ground running.


Top Batters of CWC 2019

  • Rohit Sharma: The Centurion
    • Rohit Sharma, the Indian vice-captain, dominated the charts, setting an unprecedented record. His five centuries in a single World Cup became the talk of the town. With feats like becoming the quickest to score 2000 runs against Australia and being on par with Sachin Tendulkar for World Cup hundreds, Sharma truly set the bar high.
  • David Warner: The Australian Powerhouse
    • Close on Sharma’s heels was David Warner. His gritty knocks ensured he stayed a crowd favorite despite the occasional boos. His partnership with Finch, especially the mammoth 166 against Bangladesh, solidified his place as one of the most runs by a batter in the 2019 World Cup.

Rising Stars and Legends

  • Shakib Al Hasan: The All-Rounder
    • Shakib’s performance in the World Cup was nothing short of legendary. With 606 runs, he surpassed Tendulkar’s group stage record. His dual capability of claiming 10 wickets while scoring 500 runs in a World Cup made him a formidable opponent.
  • Kane Williamson: The Calm and Steady
    • The New Zealand skipper displayed incredible consistency. His records, such as being the third-fastest to 6000 ODI runs, only added to his charm. In England, Williamson made a name for himself, equating his century score in England to his homeland.
  • Joe Root: England’s Pride
    • Root’s adaptability in formats is commendable. His four 50+ scores, with centuries against Pakistan and West Indies, showcased his finesse. He also became the only English player to score 500 runs in World Cups.

The Best from The Rest

From Jonny Bairstow’s incredible partnership with Jason Roy to Aaron Finch’s leadership, Babar Azam’s swift rise, Ben Stokes’ all-round excellence, and Jason Roy’s impactful innings, the World Cup saw an array of outstanding performances.


These run-scorers not only led the charts in the MOST RUNS IN ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP 2019 but also played pivotal roles in their respective teams. Their brilliance with the bat has, undoubtedly, given them a place among the legends of the game.


Who scored the most runs in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?

Rohit Sharma topped the list with five centuries.

How many centuries did David Warner score?

David Warner scored one century, which was the highest single-match score of the tournament.

Did any player achieve both runs and wickets milestone in the tournament?

Yes, Shakib Al Hasan became the first player to score 500 runs and claim 10 wickets in a single World Cup campaign.

Who was the fastest to reach 6000 ODI runs during the World Cup?

Kane Williamson became the third-fastest to reach the milestone.

Which English player made a record for runs in World Cups?

Joe Root became the only English player to score 500 runs in World Cups.

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