Most Wickets Against KKR in IPL History 

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) is a top team in the IPL with two championships. But, some bowlers have often troubled KKR batters.Here we will check the players who have taken the most wickets against KKR.

Most Wickets Against KKR in IPL History 

Who have been the most successful bowlers against the Knight Riders?

Let us look at bowlers who have taken the most wickets against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in Indian Premier League (IPL) history.

1. Bhuvneshwar Kumar (28 Wickets)

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is only the second bowler after Dwayne Bravo to win the Purple Cap more than once. The Purple Cap is given to the bowler who takes the most wickets in an IPL season. Bhuvneshwar won it in 2016 and 2017.His record against the Kolkata Knight Riders team is truly sensational. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has taken more wickets against KKR than any other bowler in IPL history. Bhuvneshwar, who plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad, has taken 28 wickets against the Knight Riders in just 22 innings.

2. Ravichandran Ashwin (21 Wickets)

Ravichandran Ashwin is a true legend of Indian cricket.Ashwin’s legacy also includes the Indian Premier League (IPL), where he has been one of the best match-winners the league has ever seen.

It is very rare for a batter to get the better of Ashwin in an IPL game.So India’s star spinner Ravichandran Ashwin has 21 wickets in 21 IPL matches against KKR. He has often troubled KKR’s batters with his clever changes in speed and accuracy.

3. Lasith Malinga (20 Wickets)

Lasith Malinga, also known as “Slinga Malinga,” is not just a cricket legend but also a huge inspiration for many bowlers. Many who want to master bowling in T20 cricket look up to him and try to copy his unique bowling style. What really sets him apart is his incredible skill in delivering yorkers whenever he wants.

This skill has made him the most successful bowler in IPL history.Malinga has an impressive record against almost every team in the IPL. This includes the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) as well. Lasith Malinga ranks third in taking the most wickets against KKR. Playing for Mumbai Indians, he has taken 20 wickets at an economy rate of 7.59 in the 18 matches he played against them. One of Malinga’s standout performances was when he took 4 wickets for just 23 runs.

4. Vinay Kumar (19 Wickets)

Vinay Kumar may not have been the top bowler in the IPL, but he definitely made his mark and had some great moments during his career. Even though he sometimes gave away a few extra runs, he had a real talent for taking wickets. He played for teams like the now-disbanded Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Mumbai Indians, and Royal Challengers Bangalore.
When it comes to bowling against the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Vinay Kumar stands out. He is the fourth-highest wicket-taker against KKR among Indian bowlers in the IPL. Vinay has claimed 19 wickets in just 12 innings when playing against KKR, maintaining an impressive economy rate of 7.00. His best performance in a match was taking 3 wickets while giving away only 23 runs

5. Zaheer Khan (19 Wickets)

Zaheer Khan is widely regarded as one of the best fast bowlers India has ever produced. At a time when India was not famous for its fast bowlers, Zaheer was a standout talent. He also made a significant impact in the Indian Premier League (IPL), playing for teams like Mumbai Indians, Delhi Daredevils (now known as Delhi Capitals), and Royal Challengers Bangalore. His skill in taking wickets ranks him fifth in the list of bowlers with the most wickets against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in IPL history.

Zaheer has taken 19 wickets in 15 matches against KKR, with an economy rate of 8.18. His best performance in a single match was taking 3 wickets for just 21 runs. Currently, he continues to be associated with Mumbai Indians, contributing his vast experience to help the team aim for another championship title.

Conclusion: Top 5 Wicket-Takers Against KKR

The numbers suggest Kumar, Ashwin, Malinga, Vinay and Zaheer have had tremendous success against KKR’s famed batting order. It remains to be seen if this continues when IPL 2024 kicks off!

Who has the most wickets against KKR?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has the most wickets against KKR.

How many wickets has Ashwin taken vs KKR?

In 21 IPL matches against KKR, Ashwin has taken 21 wickets.

Which team did Zaheer Khan play against KKR for?

Zaheer played for Mumbai Indians against KKR picking 19 wickets.

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