Which is the Worst Edition of ICC World Cup? Reasons Why 2019 Was the Worst Edition of the ICC World Cup

Which is the Worst Edition of ICC World Cup? The ICC World Cup, a prestigious cricket tournament, has a rich history and holds immense significance in the cricketing world. Every edition brings excitement and anticipation, but the 2019 ICC World Cup, hosted by England and Wales, was riddled with issues, leading many to consider it the worst edition.

2019 ICC World Cup

The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup was the 12th edition of the tournament, and was hosted by England and Wales from 30 May to 14 July 2019. It was the fifth time that England had hosted the World Cup, and the third time for Wales.

Major Issues Faced in 2019 World Cup

The 2019 World Cup faced several significant issues, notably weather interruptions, limitation of teams, and equipment problems, that collectively tarnished its reputation.

Weather Interruptions in 2019 World Cup

Comparing to previous editions, the 2019 World Cup saw an unprecedented number of matches affected by rain, with four matches being washed out. This not only impacted the teams’ chances but also diminished the excitement for fans.

Impact on Matches and Teams

The uneven distribution of points had a significant impact on matches. In some groups, teams were able to secure a place in the next round with a few games to spare, while in other groups, teams were fighting for qualification until the very end. This made for some exciting matches, but it also meant that some teams were unable to compete for the trophy despite having a good record.

Limitation of Teams

This edition was criticized for limiting the number of participating teams to 10, excluding several full members and associate nations. This restriction raised concerns about the inclusivity and diversity of the tournament.

Effects on Associate Nations

The limitation hindered the growth of cricket in associate nations and deprived the world of witnessing emerging talents, showcasing a need for ICC to reconsider its approach.

Problems with Equipment

The introduction of Zing Bails led to controversies as they failed to dislodge on several occasions. These instances brought attention to the need for equipment reliability in such a prestigious tournament.

Other Contributing Factors

Apart from the major issues, the 2019 World Cup also faced umpiring controversies, inconsistent pitches, and organizational shortcomings, which further fueled the criticisms.

Umpiring Controversies

Several matches witnessed poor umpiring decisions, reflecting a need for better accountability and training for officials.

Inconsistent Pitches

The variation in pitch conditions across different venues raised questions about fairness and consistency in the tournament.

Organizational Shortcomings

The lack of preparation and resources by ECB and ICC indicated a need for better planning and execution for future tournaments.


Reflecting on the numerous issues faced by the 2019 ICC World Cup, it’s evident that this edition fell short of expectations. The ICC needs to address these concerns and ensure better organization and inclusivity in future editions.

Why was the weather a significant issue in the 2019 ICC World Cup?

The hosting country, England, is known for unpredictable weather, leading to multiple match interruptions and washouts.

How did the limitation of teams affect the tournament?

The restriction to 10 teams excluded several full members and associate nations, raising concerns about inclusivity and diversity.

What were the issues with the Zing Bails?

The Zing Bails failed to dislodge on several occasions, leading to controversies and highlighting equipment reliability concerns.

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