Batsmen With the Most Sixes in the 20th Over of IPL Matches

The 20th over in T20 cricket is super exciting. It’s a crucial part of the game where teams try to score a lot of runs or chase down tough targets. The middle-order batsmen and finishers play a big role in this. In the IPL, there are many players who are known for hitting sixes in the 20th over and making a big impact.

Teams count on specific batsmen to make a strong finish in the last over. These players are usually in the middle order or are finishers, and they can hit powerful shots even when facing top bowlers delivering yorkers or slower balls. By looking at the stats for runs and sixes in IPL 20th overs, we can find out which batsmen have consistently performed well in these crucial moments.

Batsmen With the Most Sixes in the 20th Over of IPL Matches

#1. MS Dhoni – The Greatest of IPL Finishers

MS Dhoni is known as the best player for finishing games in the Indian Premier League (IPL). He has a talent for hitting sixes at the end of an innings. Dhoni, who used to be the captain of India, is famous for winning games by scoring a lot of runs in the last overs.

He has hit the most sixes in the 20th over of IPL games, with a total of 59 sixes and 713 runs.Dhoni is great at hitting the ball far and staying calm under pressure. Even when bowlers try to make it hard for him by bowling fast at his body, he can still hit the ball a long way.Some of his most amazing performances in the 20th over include:

  • Scoring 36 runs off Josh Hazlewood in 2021 to win the game for Chennai Super Kings (CSK).
  • Getting 22 runs off Ankit Rajpoot to win for Pune Supergiant in 2016.
  • Needing 18 runs in the last over against Punjab, Dhoni won the game with one ball left in 2010.

Dhoni’s skill in hitting the ball has helped him win many games for his IPL teams.

#2. Kieron Pollard – A Six-Hitting Legend

Kieron Pollard is known as a strong hitter in T20 cricket. He can easily hit the ball over the boundary. This player from West Indies has made many games exciting for Mumbai Indians with his last over hits.Here are some important numbers for Pollard’s performance in the 20th over:

  • He has scored 405 runs.
  • He has hit 33 sixes.

Pollard hits these sixes very quickly, at a rate of over 150. Even the best bowlers at the end of the game have seen their balls go into the crowd off his bat. While he may not be at the same level as Dhoni, Pollard’s 33 sixes are still very impressive.Over the years, he has won many close games for Mumbai Indians in the last over. He is a true game-winner.

#3. Ravindra Jadeja’s Six-Hitting Prowess 

Ravindra Jadeja from India is a well-known player who can bowl and bat. He is especially good at hitting the ball hard when he bats later in the game. In fact, he holds the record for the most runs scored in a single 20th over – he scored 36 runs off 37 balls against RCB in 2021!Here are Jadeja’s overall numbers:

  • He has scored 341 runs.
  • He has hit 29 sixes.

Jadeja, who bats left-handed, can hit the ball in surprising ways, even when the game is almost over. Bowlers often don’t know how to bowl to him. Jadeja has helped Chennai Super Kings win many games with his powerful hitting at the end.

#4. Hardik Pandya – Rising Finishing Superstar

India’s Hardik Pandya has recently become better at scoring runs at the end of innings in IPL matches. When he captained the Gujarat Titans team to win the IPL in their first season in 2022, it showed he can handle pressure.Here are some key numbers for Pandya’s performance in the 20th over of matches:

  • He has scored 265 runs
  • He has hit 26 sixes

Pandya can hit the ball very hard and far. He is able to regularly hit sixes. Even very good yorkers and slower balls have gone for sixes off his bat. This shows his clean hitting, which is hard for the bowlers to deal with.

Some of Pandya’s crucial knocks containing big 20th over hits include:

* 30 runs off 6 balls for Kolkata Knight Riders in 2023 
* 26 runs off 5 balls for Mumbai Indians against Rajasthan Royals in 2020

Still only 29, expect Pandya’s six hitting abilities to reach even greater heights in the coming years.

Other Prolific 20th Over Hitters 

While Dhoni, Pollard, Jadeja, and Pandya have hit the most sixes in the 20th overs of IPL games, other players have also shown their ability to hit the ball hard:

  • Rohit Sharma uses his experience as a captain to hit 23 sixes and score 248 runs.
  • AB de Villiers has hit 19 sixes with his creative batting style.
  • Andre Russell uses his strength to hit 18 sixes, even though he hasn’t batted as much.
  • David Miller and Dinesh Karthik have also hit the ball hard in the 20th over of games.

These players have made the end of games exciting for their teams over the years. Their ability to come up with new ways to hit boundaries when under pressure makes them very valuable.


The 20th over of T20 games often brings a lot of excitement and entertainment because of the strong hitters. The IPL has been lucky to have many players who love these situations and can win games from difficult positions.Dhoni and Pollard are the best at this, but young Indian players like Pandya are also getting better. Teams will keep looking for strong hitters in the auction to improve their ability to score runs at the end of games.

 Who has hit the most sixes in IPL 20th over history? 

MS Dhoni has hit the most sixes in IPL 20th over history with a whopping tally of 59 sixes.

 Who hit 36 runs in one 20th over IPL innings? 

 Ravindra Jadeja smashed 36 runs off Josh Hazlewood in the 20th over against Royal Challengers Bangalore in April 2021 – the highest 20th over score in one IPL innings.

 Who hit 30 runs in 2023 IPL 20th over? 

 Rinku Singh hit Alzarri Joseph for 30 runs in the 20th over batting for Kolkata Knight Riders against Gujarat Titans in 2023 – which led a successful run chase.

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