Virat Kohli Instagram Post Price in 2023

It’s 2023, and Virat Kohli continues to dominate not just cricket pitches, but also the virtual world of social media. One look at Kohli’s Instagram profile and it becomes clear: he’s a sensation. Boasting a massive following of 256 million, the Indian cricket star gives fans an intimate view of his life.

Virat Kohli Instagram Post Price

Virat Kohli Instagram Post Price: The cricket star’s post engagements are a testament to his popularity. With each share, Virat Kohli charges a mind-boggling USD 1.38 million, approximately 11.42 crores INR. Even global football icons like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi don’t stray too far ahead. Ronaldo charges USD 3.23 million, and Messi comes in at USD 2.56 million per post.

Economic Value of Virat Kohli’s Instagram Posts

Behind every post lies a strategy, a brand, and a message. It’s not just a mere upload but an investment for brands.

Virat Kohli’s Pricing Per Instagram Post

The high price per post aligns with Kohli’s brand value. A staggering USD 1.38 million per post makes him the third-richest athlete on Instagram. Kohli’s diverse post range, from workout regimes to his life with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma, ensures maximum engagement. It’s not just the quantity of followers but the quality of engagement that makes brands flock to him.

Beyond Instagram, Kohli’s brand endorsements and ventures contribute significantly to his net worth, crossing Rs 1,000 crores.

India’s Representation in Instagram’s Rich List

It’s not just Kohli who’s making waves internationally. India’s global icons like Priyanka Chopra and influencer Riyaz Aly have solidified their spots on Instagram’s rich list.

Why does Virat Kohli charge so much for Instagram posts?

There are a few reasons why Kohli is able to charge such a high price for his Instagram posts. First, he has a massive following of over 256 million people. This means that brands can be sure that their posts will be seen by a large audience if they partner with Kohli.

Second, Kohli is a very popular and respected athlete. He is the former captain of the Indian cricket team and is considered to be one of the greatest batsmen of all time. This gives him a lot of credibility with brands, who are looking to partner with influencers who can help them reach their target audience.

Third, Kohli is very active on Instagram. He regularly shares photos and videos of his life, both on and off the field. This gives brands a lot of creative options when it comes to partnering with him. For example, they can sponsor his posts, run contests, or even create custom content with him.

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